Cream cheese of sour cream and milk
Didn't think given my version of cream cheese in the recipe "biscuits "Oreo&q uot; so many people are interested in! Since I've been using them for a long time and even cook everything "by eye"))) So, publish it as a separate recipe! Sour cream and milk it is advisable to take fatter if you want the final product, more fat and a buttery texture! I love cheese more dense, so 1-2 hours the cheese is unloaded, and then put a small load and leave for the night. The expiration date will not say exactly, because more than three days the cheese is kept! But in my opinion, up to five days can safely stand in the refrigerator.


  • Sour cream

    450 g

  • Milk

    170 ml

  • Lemon juice

    1 Tbsp


In a saucepan put the cream, pour the milk.
Put on the stove (medium heat) and, stirring occasionally, to heat the mass up to 90 degrees, i.e., close to boiling is to introduce freshly squeezed lemon juice and mix well. **The photo shows, when they start to appear small bubbles, so the mass that's coming to a boil. ***If there are no lemon, then lemon juice can be replaced with a light solution of citric acid!
Stirring constantly to heat the mass for 5-7 minutes more - do not let it boil!!! Then cover and remove from the heat to cool for about 20-30 minutes. **The mixture will become more liquid and will begin to appear a little grains.
At this time you need to fold the gauze in 4-6 layers, and lay a sieve. Then, after a time throws the resulting mass (it looks like thick porridge) for the sieve. Leave overnight and in the morning a little squeeze and put it into the plate/bowl. For a denser cheese I put on top of tote and also left overnight!
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