Cottage cheese “sissy”
For this recipe I cook the curd for a very long time. Prior to this, tried a lot of options. But when I was told about this method, I realized that it was mine. In addition it turns a lot of cheese whey, it's very easy to use. Almost waste-free production.


  • Yogurt

    1 l

  • Milk

    1 l


For making cheese we need a pot in which boiling does not burn the milk. Don't remember where, but in my mind that kefir is better to take low fat. If someone likes fat cottage cheese, you can eat it with sour cream.
Put on stove a saucepan with milk and bring to a boil. See the photo visible rising foam.
Once the milk is boiling, pour into a saucepan yogurt. Remove from the stove. Stir so that the yogurt more evenly distributed, cover and leave to cool.
When the contents cool, in the pan will be clearly visible, whey and cottage cheese. Take a colander, put it into another pot, put the gauze. Can cheesecloth to hang over the pan and can on top of the cheese put something heavy and leave. I often make cheese in the evening and in the morning you can eat it.
The cheese turns out not sour, very delicate. Yield about 300 g. I Have weights up to 250 g, so they are off the scale. It can be given to children. But the cheesecakes I'm not tried to do it sorry for the cheesecakes.
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