Homemade mozzarella cheese
I think that we should start so. Never understood what good are our people in pizzas. Rather not. Did not understand what good pizza in our eateries and pizzas prepared at home (you know, those sweet tarts with a thickness of 10 centimeters piled into it \"victoriawhite the Niku\"). Didn't understand until I decided to make it myself. All pies dropped immediately, took a genuine Italian recipe. It is here that I smoke, however, as friends that tried it. Did it, until recently, for the conventional solid cheese, but here's the thing, here, even here, some person (who had moved to Italy) began to say that pizza without mozzarella does not happen (by the way correct they say). I had to look for mozzarella. Found - not very much and expensive somehow. "Want something done right, do it yourself!". Here it just now...


  • Milk

    1.5 l

  • Water

    250 ml

  • Rennet

    2 piece

  • Citric acid

    0.333 tsp

  • Salt

    1 tsp


Decide the ingredients. Mozzarella is made from Buffalo milk. But, even imported from Italy in our shops - made from cow. But, if you, or someone you know, keep the homes of Buffalo (Buffalo is even better), then make Buffalo (and send me a couple of liters). Water is needed to dilute it acid and pepsin. Must be deklarirovanie. Forget your "Brito" and others like her. If you have a filtration system at the reverse osmosis, take this water, if not - go to the pharmacy for distrurbance. Moreover, you will have to go for the next ingredient. Pepsin - enzyme to minimize the milk. All cheeses are made with its use. To get it can be different. If you have friends cheese-makers - they (gram of pepsin is enough for 100L. milk). You can order the "tyrnete". But the easiest way is to go to the nearest pharmacy. In countries with normal access to drugs it can be taken freely and very cheap. I took the "atsidin-pepsin". Citric acid, is used to change the Ph of milk. If there is no lemon, you can use salt or vinegar. But the number then calculate for yourself.
So... Pour our milk into a saucepan and heated to 25-28 degrees. Diluted in half Cup water, citric acid slowly pour in milk, stirring constantly. Per litre of milk needs about a quarter teaspoon of acid. Slowly heated the milk to 30-35 degrees, not forgetting to stir. 2 pills "Acidin-pepsin tablets" dissolved in 1/2 Cup water and pour in the milk. Bring the temperature to 40 degrees and remove from heat. Throughout the heating it is necessary to slightly interfere with the milk. At this time there should appear the first flakes of cheese and milk will begin to curl. Cover the pot with a lid and leave it so for 15-20 minutes to finish the coagulation process.
While waiting, you can chop a sprig of fresh Basil (today, unfortunately, the store did not have it and I decided to chop the dill). After 20 minutes, look what we've got. Should be like this. All perfectly wrapped up and we have not just sour milk. The consistency is much thicker, Massa took a solid pancake, the serum is quite transparent and has a yellowish tint. In industrial production now would include special knives that would cut all "it" into small pieces. We can take a knife and cut the resulting mass into cells of 1.5-2cm, and/or just mix well with a spoon.
Mix, spread the mass in a fine sieve or a colander and squeeze it well with a spoon or hand. Don't worry that will crumble and fall into holes, all glued together under compression in a homogeneous mass (of course, if you did everything correctly).
Need as best as possible to squeeze the whey from the cheese, but without fanaticism, later dodavit.
Our cheese is similar to cheese. He stuck together in a clump and does not fall apart. Merge the remnants of serum and now we can go two ways: [b]first[/b] - put our cheese in hot water (60-70 degrees) until it warms and begins to melt; or [b]second road[/b] - put our cheese in the microwave for about a minute. I must say that the time depends on the amount of cheese and the power of your microwave. In any case, you need to look and to prevent boiling of cheese (first time I did it from 800gr. milk and followed the process, the cheese turned a little and he quickly boiled). In any case, it is not superfluous it, at least once, to flip. We need to insist on heating the cheese to a state of plasticity.
The result of our activities, at the moment, should be that shown in the photo. Yes, this stringy "snot" will soon become our delicious mozzarella. Admire a little at her and parastajiem two hands. Remember the childhood, as we stretched "zawacki", shared them with friends and beautifully weaved them into the hair of her friends. Yes, to do it with gloves thicker, the cheese is hot.
During this process, squeeze out excess whey, and then add salt and add the cheese and Basil. Need to add salt as much as you need. Never take or drop immediately as much as written in the recipes, this is the approximate number. Basil (dill, in my case) you can not add, but the cheese is very fragrant. Added again stretched and shuffled and again for a minute in the microwave. Warmed, and got Yes again tie weaving. The essence of this stretch - giving the cheese its corporate structure and the fibrous structure. But if you want it to be more soft and gentle, not too get carried away this. To cool don't forget to give your cheese the desired shape. To keep our cheese in the refrigerator in an airtight container for weeks, or freeze it in the freezer and store there for months. Although why I'm telling you, you eat high the next day. Ah, Yes. We've done this mozzarella for the pizza...
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