Meat nut sandwich
My son loves the sandwiches, and the sausage we buy only in exceptional cases, it is necessary to cook meats at home. This walnut meat sold in our stores and cook it at home very simply and very quickly. And thanks to the slow cooker, your active participation is almost not required. We will cook in multivarka VITEK VT-4207R


  • Basturma

    800 g

  • Spices

    4 Tbsp

  • Salt

    1 tsp


Take the pork neck. Of the neck does best - she's not lean and the meat remains juicy and tender. Meat is better to marinate. Time depends on You - at least an hour, preferably overnight. The longer marinated, the tastier meats. I, in the circumstances, marinated 2 days. First, just to RUB salt (about 1 tsp), pepper and garlic, folded in a bag and leave to marinate. Then take the already marinated the neck and daubed it with spices. I take about 1 tsp. sweet paprika, dry adzhika, granulated garlic and mix for meat. Mix meat I buy at the market in women-Georgian girls selling spices. I don't know their composition, I just like the smell, and all. So you can feel free to add any spices to your taste.
Here is the meat obtained after the coating with spices.
Next, take the bandage. It is sold in the pharmacy. The sizes are different, it is better to take number 3. Rinse the bandage under water to wash away his specific pharmacy smell. PS. a Little deviate from the recipe. Girls, I was very surprised that many do not know about this method - cooking in the grid. So adjust the recipe in this part. In this grid you can put whatever you want. You can put pieces. But of course, not small, and about matchbox. Ie cut any meat ( chicken, Turkey, a mixture of different meat, lean chicken+fatty brisket, etc.), salt, spices added, allowed to stand and rammed into the net as tightly as possible. And at the same time inside and pieces of vegetables to put (for example, small mushrooms whole), etc. Scope for creativity easy!
So back to the recipe. Now carefully pack the meat in a bandage. Tie one side's hands and compact the meat as much as possible, tighten the bandage. When cooked the meat will be further compressed under the action of the bandage. Thus it will be very tight, and you can then cut the "nut" is very thin.
The prepared meat is placed in the sleeve for baking. Then another one for insurance that the water in any case don't get into the package.
Put the meat in the slow cooker. I have tested multivarka VITEK VT-4207R
Fill with boiling water so that the meat is completely covered with water. The volume of my kettle is not enough to cover completely the meat, so put the kettle on, so do not see that it is not yet entirely covered with water.
Set the mode "Stewing". In this slow cooker the maximum time - 1 hour. So when the time is up, I added another 30 minutes. Altogether it cook for 1.5 hours. If you've got a bit bigger place for 2 hours.
Ready take out the meat from the slow cooker and without turning, let cool, then send it in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours. And better at night. Right in the packages. The next day (or 8 hours) to get it deployed. If you package for baking still missed the water - put at this stage the meat on a cutting Board and let it dry for 20 minutes.
Cut. That's what happens. Meat is dense and at the same time very gentle. It is not the usual gray color, and rogovenko like ham, but lighter. My camera, unfortunately, not able to convey the true color of the meat. Easy to cut into very thin slices. Due to the fact that the boiling temperature in a slow cooker is very small, the meat is prepared slowly and taste it differs significantly from the just boiled meat.
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