Did cheese my mom the camera and she is not, so the result is captured only at home. I'll write the recipe, but no photo - sorry. Turns out very tasty cheese, much tastier than store-bought! Poprobute!


  • Milk

    18 l

  • Rennet

    1 piece

  • Water

    1 l


In one liter of cold boiled water diluted with a packet of pepsin. Here's how it looks.
Take the milk, heated it, do not hot, but Luke warm. Pour in warmed milk 250 ml water, in which the diluted pepsin and leave for about half an hour. When up rises curd (you will see at once), put the mixture into a sieve and allow to drain. When drain - perevorachivaet cheese the other party, and the reverse side add salt coarse salt. When the back side drain cheese - spread it on a dish and add salt with the other hand.
Store in the refrigerator. Add salt to taste, if you like salty - prisypte more salt. Bon appetit!
But in cutting the cheese :-)
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