Cheese for children
This recipe I was advised by our pediatrician. The curd is done quickly, no need to wait until the milk turn sour, and turns almost sour. To my child 1, 5 years old, he eats cottage cheese with a lot of fun. Mix in a blender with fruit and it turns out dessert.


  • Milk

    1 l

  • Yogurt

    0.5 l


Milk is put on a slow fire, waiting, when will begin to boil. Once you begin to receive the cap, pour in the yogurt. Frankly, the exact proportions don't know, always do it by eye, but milk should be about 2 times more yogurt. The whole thing keep on slow fire.
Gradually the milk will start to tvoritsa 10 minutes it all happens. You will see when the curd is ready.
The mass is compacted.
All! Ready! Mix with the fruit and give the baby or yourself. Give small somewhere in the 7 months.
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