About Panerai has been known for many centuries. This delicious fresh homemade cheese Indian brother Circassian cheese, use it in a variety of dishes from salads to sweets. Its use provides energy and quickly restores strength, strengthens muscles and nervous system, boosts immunity, calms the mind. Paneer is considered to be easily digestible alternative to meat. Nutritionists believe that paneer can be eaten, even people with intolerance to dairy products. Here's a unique cheese.


  • Milk

    1 l

  • Lemon juice

    2 Tbsp

  • Cream

    3 Tbsp


To prepare paneer, we need fat homemade milk ( you can use store-bought, only the higher the fat content the more cheese is obtained). Put the saucepan with milk on medium heat on the stove.
While the milk heats, prepare the lemon juice. For 1 liter of milk will last us half a lemon. To 1 liter of milk - 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice.
When the milk heats up and the edges will pop the bubbles, you can add the cream. 1 liter milk 2-3 tbsp cream ( also homemade ). Stir the milk constantly so it doesn't stick.
Once the cream has dissolved, add gradually the lemon juice.
After a few minutes the milk starts to coagulate, separating into two factions - a white curd clot and clear serum. Continue to add juice, stirring constantly the milk.
When the serum will become bright greenish color, turn off heat and leave for 10 -15 mins, all the pieces of cheese rose to the surface, and the serum was completely transparent.
Cover a sieve with cheesecloth and drain in it a ready-made paneer, whey will drain. Leave for 30 min. the Serum is better not to pour. It is also very useful and you can cook many delicious dishes. For example, I sand on her delicious air pancakes, and part of the leave for the preparation of Adyghe cheese.
You can add any herbs, layers (a layer of breadcrumbs, a layer of greenery, etc.) optionally a little salt.
After 30 min. put the cheese under the press. If you want soft cheese, the 30 -50 minutes will be enough if it becomes hard, then leave the cheese under the press for at least 2 to 3 hours. The longer you keep the cheese under pressure, the denser it will become.
Cheese ready! Bon appetit! Paneer turns out fresh and someone who loves salty, maybe for a few hours to soak the finished cheese in salted whey ( 1 liter syvorotki 1 tbsp. of salt). The finished cheese is put into the fridge. 3 liters of milk and 6 tbsp. of cream I got a 633 gr breadcrumbs. The use of paneer is limitless. I like to fry it in the butter, add spices and vegetable salad. When frying the paneer does not melt and takes on a delicious crisp. Soft paneer can be spread on sandwiches. Good for them to stuff vegetables. Can be used for preparation of creams and desserts, as well as various pastries.
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