Homemade cheese a La
I have never eaten Mascarpone cheese, so I can't say how this version is close to the original. I've done one version of homemade sour cream. Turned out good, but again, was nothing to compare with it. And here turned up a way to cook this cheese, I decided to try and to share with you!


  • Yogurt

    450 ml

  • Sour cream

    450 ml


Buy packing yogurt and sour cream. Put into the freezer for 10 hours. If the freezer is good, it can be less.
Cut the packaging of frozen yogurt and sour cream. A colander set in a saucepan. A towel covered colander. Spread on a linen kitchen towel (if you want to use a cheesecloth, then wrap it in 5-6 layers).
Here is a spectacle after 4 hours of thawing.
Here is still seen as the crystallized yogurt. Sour cream thawed faster. There is one "BUT" in the unfreezing process. When the defrosting is not to avoid high room temperature. I mean, what if it's hot, it's better to put this design on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Better longer to drain than to as a result of normal sour cream.
And it took 11 hours to defrost.
Cheese ready, you can overload in a separate container with a lid.
This cheese, as I have read on the Internet can be stored in the refrigerator up to 5 days.
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