Apple pie in a slow cooker
Recipes Charlotte on the site a lot, I do not propose a recipe, and cooking method. The result is tender and the wonder of height 8 -9 cm, diameter 22 cm After purchasing a slow cooker, this is my signature pie. This is my first recipe on the site so far participated only passively. I hope You will be generous and sneakers not showered. Do not judge strictly for decoration – carried Charlotte to the fairing, so the final beauty was restored already in place.


  • Chicken egg

    5 piece

  • Sugar

    1 cup

  • Flour

    1 cup

  • Apple

    5 piece


Apples are cleaned, cut into slices. I love it when a lot of apples, so the number indicated is approximate. Put more generally, guided by already chopped the apples in my bowl (1.5 litre) is slightly more than half. Not darkened, sprinkle with lemon juice. I don't clean the apples from the skin, it becomes soft and does not interfere, and with the skin cake is fragrant.
Eggs, beat until thick foam. Tip: to eggs, better eggs, they should be cool and add a pinch of salt.
Gradually add sugar, continuing to whisk. Whisk until then, until the sugar is dissolved.
Gradually spoon, add flour, stir gently to avoid lumps. The dough is ready. The consistency of thick cream.
The pan multivarki grease with butter.
Pour a little of the dough into the pan and distribute so it covered the bottom and part of the walls, as a small side. The thickness of the dough turns a little, about 0.5 cm.
Put on the dough the apples, sprinkle them with sugar and cinnamon. Possible options, once I added ground ginger, turned out too tasty. I like a lot of apples, I get them 3-4 layers. In the summer, when it was pears, was done between layers of apples, a layer of pears.
Pour the remaining batter into the pan and slightly shake it to the dough more evenly distributed among the apples. You'll see when you shake up how the rise of small air bubbles. I could not resist this time, as the dough rises high, the top has added apples. Turn on the "Baking" for 60 minutes. During this hour the cover is not raised. Then check what happens.
The more apples, the more time is required for baking. Once I put the dual norm of the apples, in the end, all cooked in a slow cooker does not burn anything, but I had to bake about two hours. This time I added in just 15 minutes. Top Charlotte turns bright, he's not rumanetsa and readiness check at the beginning "by eye" - to see when the bubbles wet, and then, as usual, using wooden sticks, the old-fashioned way.
Leave the Apple pie in a slow cooker for 5-10 minutes. Then remove the pan from the slow cooker and wait for a bit. This, if patience will allow. Then overturn. As at the top of the cake crust is not formed (and we have this will be the bottom of the pie), I turn it on foil, and then shift to the plate. Here's a handsome we have.
Decorate on your own. I just sprinkled the top with cinnamon and a bit of sesame seeds. Away on the cut to photograph did not, not until this happened.
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    Тата Тата

    Спасибо,очень вкусно!

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