It's not really a recipe, but maybe not a recipe at all ) are Faced with the fact that as soon as you place the prescription products with cottage cheese, girls from France, Switzerland, etc. ask me where I take the cheese because cheese is the local cheese in our Russian understanding is difficult to call. More like sour cream )) But it can bring to the state of our "Russian" cheese .. and not everyone knows about it. So, speaking already about 100 times personally, decided in 101 times to show anyone who needs one)))) in General, in the discretion of the administration.. to write this little story here.. or move in diaries)


  • Curd

    1 l

  • Sugar


Here is the local cheese.. more like sour cream. In France, Fromage blanc is called in other countries - I don't know ))
It's very simple. Put the cream cheese in a saucepan and heat on medium heat, NOT STIRRING, until the separated serum
Then cuts the mass into several pieces diagonally or how to turn out a little with a spoon. Again, I remind you that the mix is not necessary at all.. And then the taste.. Love gently, bring to the boil and remove drier - a little cook. Threw in a fine sieve and allowed to drain. Serum - pancakes or hash in the hot season, because with the brew here, too, problems)))
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