I want to share the recipe of cheese "Mascarpone ", which I do at home. This is a budget option of cheese, because on the shelf the jar of cheese in my opinion too expensive... Well, the most important thing is that this homemade cheese natural, prepared with his own hands and does not have in its composition of dietary supplements, which would have increased its shelf life, as it is in the purchase of Mascarpone cheese. Eocene to taste like cheese, which is sold in the store. Cheese "Mascarpone" there are a lot of recipes - it's all kinds of desserts, cakes, pastries and more. The finished cheese yield obtained about 500g. You can also try this homemade cheese "Mascarpone" - prepares simple, natural and well saves the family budget...


  • Sour cream

    850 g

  • Milk

    250 ml

  • Lemon juice

    2 tsp


It's the ingredients we need for making cheese "Mascarpone".
Spread sour cream in a separate pan and pour the milk into it. Then, carefully move until a homogeneous consistency.
The obtained homogeneous mass to warm up on medium heat 10 min., stirring occasionally. (Boil it!).
Then, add to this mixture 2 tsp lemon juice and mix well. Warm up all the components for another 2 minutes. on low heat (Boil it!).
In the end, so here should look like the cheese on the spoon, it turns into small flakes.
Received cheese (yet still liquid consistency), it is necessary to discard in a colander, the laid gauze. Because the mass is very fluid and almost all of it drips through the gauze down, then I again in the same gauze on top added that is already in my glass. Thus, in marl settled more cheese. Leave it all to drain for about 1 hour. If You want the cheese was more solid, gauze along with cheese must also squeeze with hands.
After all the liquid glass, then finished the cheese "Mascarpone" we need to shift into a separate container, cover, or wrap and put into the refrigerator for storage.
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