Cheese from yogurt without heat treatment
This recipe without heat treatment will be a great replacement for store-bought dairy products. Suitable for both children and adults, and for pregnant and nursing mothers, and for those who follow the figure. Adding a bit of salt, herbs or spices to taste, you will get excellent "amazulu". Adding sugar or honey or jam is a great sweet cottage cheese for Breakfast, although by itself, without any additives it is also delicious and not at all sour. Can cook with him, cheesecakes, tiramisu, etc. Limit no fantasy, and all the same healthy and tasty homemade "cheese&a mp;quot; of yogurt.


  • Yogurt

    1 bottle

  • Salt

  • Sugar


Step-by-step photo no (alas), but it's very simple. Our pour buttermilk in a plastic bag, tighten the top tightly with a rubber band or something tied to the yogurt did not spill. The package I put in the pot or in another container and send it all in the freezer and left overnight. In the morning take out our yogurt, a couple of minutes, hold under hot running water to frozen yogurt behind the pack, and at the same time from the pan. At this time, put in a saucepan a colander, it placed a gauze in 2-3 layers. Spread on gauze our frozen yogurt, of course, hold the package under running hot water, then cut it and put the yogurt in a colander with gauze. Forget about it for 10-12 hours, leave to thaw. Better if all the time thawing our yogurt will be covered with gauze to avoid spreading any unwanted bacteria. The serum can be used to prepare the dough, pancakes, Radosav, shampooing and so on, and the gauze remains the most delicate and delicious cheese that can be spread on bread in the morning, and if the dream and add a little jam or honey or just sugar, a delicious mascarpone! You can adjust the degree of softness of the "cottage cheese". If you love hard, then drained off all the whey and additionally squeeze the cheesecloth. If you love gentle, do not let all the whey drain out.
Curd can also be used for making pancakes (see photo) and in other recipes where the cheese, just need to adapt, to experiment with the proportions. Although it is best, of course, not be subjected to heat treatment. If you are using homemade yogurt own cooking, as I do, the cheese will turn out even tastier. The recipe is suitable for adults and children, and pregnant and lactating. Try it! Bon appetit :)
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