Cheese a La
Correct, the original name of this cheese Crescenza. The Internet is the name most often used of Credenza. Thank you, Dmitry (NDemon) for pushing me to making a new wonderful cheese. So how, exactly, the recipe could not reproduce, but very very close, so the name "a La&q uot;. And I've made it thanks to the wonderful bacterial starter culture "Yogurt& ;quot; from Orsik.


  • Milk

    1 l

  • Sourdough

    1 piece

  • Rennet

    0.2 g

  • Yogurt

    75 ml

  • Milk

    5 l

  • Water

    50 ml

  • Salt

    3 Tbsp


Let's start with making Yogurt. I cook from a wonderful bacterial starter cultures Orsik. It consists of microorganisms Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus which form the taste of the future cheese. In the slightly warmed milk, pour the yeast, mix well and put in yogurt maker or in a thermos for 8-10 hours. Then cooled in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. This tasty Yogurt drink is ready.
Prepare products for making cheese. It's milk, sure, whole, not pasteurized. Rennet, water and yogurt (I have its slightly larger number than necessary). Forgot to put salt.
Pour the milk into a big pot and heated while stirring up to 38 degrees.
Remove from heat and add yogurt. It is important to add such a product that contains Bulgarian Bacillus. The peculiarity in the preparation of this cheese is that salt made at this stage in the warm milk. But with the amount I am. I added 3 tablespoons full, and it turned out too salty, although the recipe takes more like salt must go with the serum, well, I don't know, anyway, the cheese turned out Solovay. After adding yogurt and salt leave for 30 minutes, preferably in a warm room.
Meanwhile, dissolve rennet in water, heated to 30-35 degrees. I have calf enzyme and 5 litres of milk is required here's a tiny scoop, which is about 0.2 Gy. Let stand to ferment for 10-20 minutes.
Add diluted enzyme to the milk, mix thoroughly for at least 1 minute. Leave on for 60-90 minutes for the formation of a good clot. It is desirable that the temperature of the milk remains within 35 degrees, not cooled, you can put the pot of milk in warm water. Once a good clot, chop into large cubes about 3-4 cm. side. Leave for 30 minutes. The source says that the larger is the curds, the cheese will be wetter if you want a drier cheese, you can cut smaller. After 30 minutes, the curds will settle.
On a very quiet flame and a water bath to heat a little the whole mass, while trying to mix as accurately as possible that not much would be to grind the grain. I stirred not very neat and my cheese turned out drier than the original should be.
Traditionally, the molds for the cheese rectangular or square, I used the handy cookie cutters, round. Carefully drain part of the whey. Cheese curd is put into molds, try not to press it strongly. Now you need to give time whey glass and cheese samobrazovaniya, about 4 hours. All this time you need to make sure that the cheese inside was warm, need to arrange something like a water bath. I have the same cheese stood on a lattice, which stood at the basin, which dripped the serum, I periodically warmed the serum, thus the steam of it warmed up cheese.
During this time the cheese should turn 2-3 times, very carefully, as it is very delicate. In the photo I flipped the first time in an hour, he's already settled in that time almost in half. The second time I turned over in 1.5 hours and the third (last) time, also after 1.5 hours. Leave the cheese in the forms at night, covering the top with a damp cloth.
In the morning, we get such a handsome man. Cheese has turned soft, creamy taste, a little sour and very tasty!
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