Caciotta (Caciotta) one of the most popular Italian cheeses. It is made in almost all farms of Central Italy. This semi-soft fresh cheese. In katsottu add greens, olives and even truffles. It smoked, coated with pepper, paprika, grape pulp. This recipe has no additives.


  • Milk

    4 l

  • Rennet

  • Calcium chloride

    1 g

  • Water

    1 l

  • Salt

    250 g

  • Calcium chloride

    4 g


The milk is heated to a temperature of 35 degrees. To make rennet and calcium chloride, stir. Calcium chloride is necessary to improve the clot. I chemically clean from chemicals, you can take the pharmacy solution. It's 10%, that is 1 ampoule of 10 ml contains 1 g of calcium chloride.
Place the milk in a water bath
To maintain a water bath temperature of 35 degrees. Wait 30 minutes, test for clot formation on a clean break. To do this, drop into a clot of finger (clean of course) and pull it out. The finger should stay clean. If a clean break is not achieved. leave for another 15 minutes, test again. And so on.
To cut a clot into cubes with a side of 2-3 cm
To raise the temperature of the water bath to 50 degrees. Keep cheese mixture on a water bath for 15 minutes, stirring gently. During this time the temperature of the serum will rise by about 40-45 degrees.
Put the cheese mass in a container and place in a warm moist chamber. On the same water bath to put the grill from the microwave and put it on the form. Continue to keep the temperature 50 degrees. Form I have a homemade, made from plastic canvas for three-dimensional embroidery
After half an hour, flip the cheese. To do this, cover it with a lid or a drainage Mat (all from the same canvas), and gently flip the shape. Cheese slides down and will be compressed in the other direction. Keep in a warm chamber for 2 hours, turning every half hour. Then take out and place the grate from the microwave over a bowl, that was where to drain the serum. To keep cheese at room temperature, turning occasionally, until no longer stand out serum.
To make the brine. For this to be dissolved in water salt and calcium chloride. If you do not add calcium chloride, the salt will be washed out of cheese for calcium. Salting at the rate of 3 hours per every pound of cheese. The cheese will float in brine, sprinkle the surface with salt. In the middle of the process necessary to turn the cheese and sprinkle with salt emerged to the surface.
If You like young cheese, it is a day you can eat. If You like more Mature cheeses, then he needs 10 days to Mature. Place the cheese in a room with a temperature of 13-18 degrees. If this premise is not in the refrigerator.
Cheese has a high moisture content, so it can form mold. To avoid this, periodically clean it with cheese cloth soaked in brine. After 10 days you can enjoy the fresh cheese. It can be stored up to 2 months in the fridge, but I assure You, he ain't gonna lie.
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