Chicken stew in a slow cooker
"When on ancient India, night was falling, over this fabulous country began to scream. It was the sacred sun bird. They were informed that the night falls and the evil spirits, victorious sun, roam the earth. But by morning again swept over India the same ringing cry of ku-ka-re-ku! This solar bird reported that evil spirits go away, it'll be morning soon..." When 2,500 years ago, the army of king Darius, returned from India with a rich booty, the soldiers, among other things, drove home to Persia, and sun birds. In Persia, too, believe the Indian legend, like Sunny birds help the sun to fight the darkness. Darius is ordered to keep roosters in every home and forbade them to kill. About 2000 years ago, the cock and the hen appeared on the black sea coast, and then began to cackle throughout Russia. By that time, the rooster has watched not only as the "alarm clock": chickens are readily bred and ate, appreciating their tender meat, nutritious eggs. For us chicken meat has become an everyday product and cooking recipes out of it a lot. No wonder in Russia there is a proverb: "there would be egg and chicken, and concocted a fool..." I want to offer You to cook the chicken, in my opinion, simple dish – a stew of chicken. And using the slow cooker makes the cooking process quite easy – You only need to prepare the chicken, and everything else is "magic pot" do it yourself.


  • Chicken

    1 piece

  • Salt

  • Black pepper

  • Bay leaf


I've got a country chicken weighing 4.5 kg – gift from relatives from the village, admire how pretty she is. After a summer and autumn pieces in the freezer space there, and eat this amount directly to us not under force. So I decided to cook her a stew. The carcass prepared as usual – singe, if needed (I did not need), rinse, dry with paper towels.
Then I removed the skin (excess cholesterol we don't need!), separated from the bone and cut into pieces. Small bones (ribs and wings) is not removed when laid out on the banks, they are very easily removed from the finished product. Bones left for the broth, and the skin and neck carried to the Parking lot a familiar dog. I'm about 3 years ago on inexperience almost ran over her tail ever since trying to make amends for his guilt. You act upon your own. Pieces of chicken meat folded into a saucepan multivarki (I have it full) and put to ready on mode "Stewing" for 4 hours. I added about half a Cup of water, but not necessarily, as in braising, the chicken gives the juice, and evaporation from the slow cooker is almost there. I foresee an objection that for the chicken 4 hours long. I will answer immediately: in a slow cooker is very slow heating, the liquid heat up faster, and we get a dense product which is heated for a long time. I tried to mix in an hour – in the middle of the meat not warmed at all, it was all the same pink as in the beginning of cooking. So 4 hours – at the time.
One hour before end of cooking add spices – salt, pepper, Bay leaf. For a classic stew the spices enough. But You to your taste can add something. Sol I was added from the calculation 1 teaspoon on 1 kg of meat. If you are preparing for long-term storage, can be a little more. Pepper and Bay leaf – to taste. That's all our natural stew is ready. Now we have to put her hot in hot sterilized jars, close, put under the blanket to cool. I got 3 liters, banks used different sizes, which remained after the blanks. Stored in the refrigerator for three months is no problem, for a longer period has not tried to do. You can put in containers and store in the freezer. If you want to keep for a long time, it is possible to sterilize (quart jar about 1.5 hours), close the metal lids. In this case, the promise that even in a city apartment this stew can stand 5 years. I have not tried. In the same way you can cook any bird and any meat, just maybe, the time will have to change. I had already planned that this fall I'll try beef and pork. The lack of time, this stew is indispensable for quick cooking, a very quick and tasty. And I recommend You to try.
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