Cottage cheese
Recipe for those who are far from CIS countries. My version of cottage cheese. I'm far from CIS countries, from all those countries, where they know what is curd. Or rather I live on the equator, almost in the heart of the African continent. There is no home milk, all the milk only in bundles, i.e. long-term storage. Since I grew up "on the cheese", and here decided to make it. It was not easy. My cottage cheese is as good as ours.


  • Dry milk

    3 Tbsp

  • Water

    3 cup

  • Yogurt

    250 g

  • Cream

    50 g


Three spoons with the top of the milk powder poured into the pan, pour 2.5 cups of water at room temperature and add 0.5 tbsp. boiling water. Keep it slightly hot. Add 2 tbsp. of yogurt, and this time added 50 g of cream.
All mix without diligence. Leave for the night.
In the morning put on the stove, bring to a boil and remove. Give to stand for about an hour, sometimes more.
Per liter is obtained 700 -800 gr. whey/buttermilk. Her make pancakes, muffins, bread. Cottage cheese makes about 400 gr. can be more or less dependent on milk.
Here is my result.
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