Cheese Swiss type
Recipe of cheese of the Swiss type for home cheesemaking.


  • Milk

    5 l

  • Rennet

    0.5 g

  • Water

    1 l

  • Salt

    150 g


After mastering semi-hard cheese Dutch type, the recipe of which was given s-v-e-t-l-i-k http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/748 28/, you can move on to hard cheeses of the Swiss type. The milk is heated to 35 degrees. Add the enzyme. If You want the cheese was a big hole, also you need to add the propionic acid bacteria. In addition to enhance the taste add lipase. You must remember that if you add lipase enzyme to be two times more.
30-60 minutes will form a dense clump. Check for "clean break": we drop into a clot, the finger pull, the finger should stay clean. Cut the clot into cubes with sides of 0.5-3 cm, the smaller the cut the clot, the harder is the cheese. Leave for 10 minutes
Put a container of cheese in a water bath with a water temperature of 35 degrees. Gradually raise the temperature of the water bath to 55 degrees. Now I control the temperature using a thermostat, but I have had recently. Early controlled temperature aquarium thermometer
The temperature of the whey when it is below about 50 degrees. You need to regularly stir the curds so that it doesn't stick the Heat lasts about an hour. To find out what the grain is ready, on the following basis: if you squeeze it in your fist, it is easy to stick together, but if a little shaken, also easily breaks.
Prepared the curds, drain on a sieve, allow to drain whey. Do not pour the serum on it turns out delicious pastries. Also it is possible to make ricotta or brunost. Form of cheese (I have a plastic bucket with holes) to put in a bowl, covered with a cloth and put it in her curd.
The form to put under the press. The press is very simple to do from bruskov. It took me less than an hour. But you can just put a bowl shape in the bucket and top weighted. The cheese is pre-pressed under a load of about 5 kg 4 hours.
After 4 hours pour squeeze the serum, adjust the fabric and continue to compress under the weight of about 15 kg a day.
Prepare the brine. Salting the cheese for 4 hours. In the middle of the process cheese to turn.
To get the cheese from the brine. Then the cheese must Mature in not less than 2 months. Ideal conditions - temperature of 13 degrees, humidity 85%. But in urban environments to achieve will not work, so maturing cheese in the fridge.
After a few days, when the cheese formed a crust, you can wrap it in the wax. During maturation the first 2 weeks and turn the cheese daily, then once a week
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