Dessert soft cheese with candied fruit and almonds
Soft, delicate cheese of the drinking yoghurt. A minimum of effort and a great result!!! Before buying a such cheese in the store, happy now that I had to cook it myself. Yes, the cheese had to be with candied fruit... like mango or melon... but no... neither one nor the other in the store did not have. And then... I bought the marmalade - lemon, orange and grapefruit slices. Simple and very tasty!!! Help yourself!!!


  • Yogurt

    900 ml

  • Salt

    2 tsp

  • Marmalade

    6 piece

  • Almonds

    20 g

  • Coconut shavings

    4 Tbsp

  • Powdered sugar

    10 g


A quality drinking yoghurt without additives - the key to success. You can take regular thick yogurt, reducing the amount. Add salt and stir. I put salt in a bottle of yogurt, put the lid on and shook. A bowl covered with a clean kitchen towel and pour the yoghurt.
Tie the edges of the towel and hang over a bowl. I have yogurt otoshibuta 4 hours, after which the whey has stopped dripping.
While yogurt otesyvajutsja, pour almonds with boiling water and leave for 15 minutes longer. Easy to clean almonds and pour again boiling water. Let stand for a few hours, of course, if You love soft and tender almonds. Drain the water, chop the almonds into medium-sized pieces and lightly fry in a dry hot pan, not allowing the nuts to burn, but just a little drying and warming. Pour the almonds in a suitable container.
In a pan put the coconut and stir, heat for a few minutes, also not allowing to burn. Pour into a separate container.
Further, the moment in which I wanted to use candied fruit. You can use any not too dry and hard candied to Your taste. I replaced the candied fruit marmalade - orange, lemon and grapefruit slices, it was very tasty. So, chop the candied fruit or marmalade in small dice.
3-4 hours with yogurt stops dripping the whey, remove the towel and put our cheese in a suitable container.
Add the almonds, candied fruit/marmalade and icing sugar sifted with vanilla or without Your choice. Gently knead the mass with a spoon. On a work surface Staley silicone Mat, pulled on his plastic wrap. Sprinkle film center, coconut flakes, add a little powdered sugar. Put one lump of cheese and sprinkle remaining chips and powder.
Helping yourself with a film formed sausage. Tighten the roll in foil. You can roll the sausage in the foil Mat for making sushi rolls. Taking the cheese in the fridge. I was cleaning for the night. If you want a more even slice before serving you can remove the cheese in freezer for 15 minutes. But, store-bought dessert cheese I had bought were exactly the same consistency and the same cut.
I got 310 g delicious dessert of soft cheese.
Cut into portions and serve. A wonderful treat with a Cup of coffee or tea!!! Bon appetit!!!
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