Mozzarella Fior di latte (Mozzarella Fior di latte) is made from cow's milk. It is less fatty and contains less moisture than Mozzarella di Bufala. Any Italian pizzaiolo will tell You that the best Italian pizza turns with mozzarella Fior di latte.


  • Milk

    3 l

  • Sourdough

    30 ml

  • Rennet

  • Water

  • Calcium chloride

    0.5 g


For the preparation of mozzarella on sourdough, You will need a working thermophilic starter culture. I tried several times to do on dry crops, nothing came out. Curd not gained the necessary acidity and did not want to drag. Prepare a thermophilic starter is very simple in the yogurt maker. To prepare it, it is best to ultrapasteurization low-fat milk. Convenient freeze to form ice. Frozen starter culture is stored long enough. Also pre-set to cool clean water.
In milk make sourdough and calcium chloride diluted in water. Heated to 38 ° C and leave at this temperature for 30 minutes. Insertion enzyme. The ingredients didn't write the amount of enzyme, as it may be different. I used 0.05 g of milk-clotting enzyme Meito dissolved in water. Continue to keep up the temperature of 38 degrees.
After 45 minutes, the clot is formed. Cut it into cubes. At this stage You can adjust the density of the mozzarella. The denser You want to get the mozzarella, the smaller should be cut into the clot.
Wait for 10 minutes, until the cubes of curd have settled to the bottom. To remove some serum so that the serum lightly covers the cheese mass. Leave at a temperature of 38 degrees for another hour, peremeshivaya every 5-15 minutes. At this stage You can also adjust the density of the cheese. The more often and more vigorously You mix the cheese mass, the denser the end result is cheese.
Put the cheese mass in the form. Form place in a pot that you bring in a water bath. Continue to keep up the temperature of 38 degrees. Will be set acidity. After 2 hours, take a sample in tension. Cut 2 small pieces and place them in hot water temperature 75 degrees. After some time, they need to stick and stretch like gum. If not, continue to set the acidity. Do a test on stretching every 15-30 minutes.
Cut the curd into cubes.
Pour hot water temperature of approximately 75 degrees. Further, if You can't tolerate water of such temperature, wear two gloves. Start to knead the cheese mass and soleplate into a ball, until cheese dough.
Start stretching the cheese dough and folding. The more times You stretch and cloete, the more layered and delicate structure You will succeed. All the time dip cheese curd in hot water to better stretched. Change the water as it cools down.
Form balls of the desired size
Place the balls at some time in the cold water
Mozzarella ready. Can make pizza, Caprese salad, eat it with sun-dried tomatoes, etc. to Keep the mozzarella in cold water or serum. But it's best to keep as soon as possible to eat. In 8-12 hours after preparation of mozzarella begins to lose taste.
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