Carville (Caerphilly) cheese, invented in the 1830-ies in the region of Carville in Wales. Recipe Pavel Chechulin.


  • Milk

    5 l

  • Sourdough

  • Calcium chloride

    1 g

  • Rennet

  • Salt

    2 Tbsp


5 litres of good milk is heated to a temperature of 32 degrees. Add mesophilic starter culture. If You don't have special cheese starter, use sour cream, whey or buttermilk. The number of the leaven according to the instructions, if you replace sour cream, etc. 5 tablespoons If using pasteurized milk, then add calcium chloride dissolved in water. In half an hour make rennet.
Leave the milk for 30-60 minutes to achieve a clean break. Cut the clot into cubes with a side of 5 mm. Leave for 10 minutes.
Place the cheese mass in a water bath, maintain the temperature of the whey at 32 degrees. Stir curd gently at first, then vigorously and continuously for hours. Leave the curd to precipitate for 10 minutes.
It's time to get acquainted with the process of chedderizatsii. Place curd into the pan with a large bottom so that there is a place for whey drainage. Saucepan, place in a water bath under the slope. Cover with a lid. Continue to maintain the temperature of the cheese mass 32 degrees. Periodically drain the whey, not allowing it to reach the cheese mass.
After half an hour cut the curd to swim and lay half of one on another so as to preserve the direction of whey drainage. Return to water bath. Continue to drain the whey.
Half an hour later turn the cheese mass so as to preserve the direction of whey drainage. Return to water bath. Continue to drain the whey.
Half an hour later (1.5 hours after the beginning of the process of chedderizatsii) curd should be like rubber and slightly stretch when stretching. This means that chedderizatsii was successful. Grind the cheese mass, the easiest way to do hands. Return the pot to water bath. 2-3 hours sprinkle the curd with salt, each time carefully mixing.
The form covered with a cloth as quickly as possible and put the cheese mass in the form.
Extruding half an hour weighs 5 kg. the Cheese is flipped to change the fabric. To compress 1 hour weight 10 lbs. Again flip and redress the cheese. Extruding weighing at least 15 kg, at least 20 hours. Cudderisback in the manufacture of cheese during pressing can be up to 48 hours, and any additional load will not be superfluous. I pressed a weight of 30 kg.
To remove the cheese from the press. Pruning, if necessary, the tides of the head.
To put the cheese in the fridge. Turn 2 times a day until until it completely dries evenly. Cover the head with olive oil. Try to cover as more as possible thin, but even layer.
Soak the cheese, turning over in the fridge for at least 3 weeks
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