Cheese from yogurt
Gentle, absolutely non-acidic, natural cheese in their cooking. Gotovim once, five years is not bought ready, because the taste quality is incomparable. Good as a separate dish or as an ingredient for any food with cheese.


  • Yogurt

    2 l

  • Milk

    0.5 l

  • Water


So, take yogurt - 2 pack and milk ( optional ). Immediately I say that not from each purchase of yogurt is now out of the cheese. Kefir many brands when heated turn into an incomprehensible mass. Trial found kefir made from natural milk, turning it into excellent cheese. This is not advertising, You can find your good yogurt) Incidentally, it is also a method of checking the quality of yogurt - if you often drink and use it. Pour all in a stainless bowl, stir.
In a large pot pour water, a bowl immersed in water, the water does not reach the top about 1.5 - 2 cm. You can try other ways steam baths, for example, put a small bowl with the yogurt on the bottom of a large pan of water or small pot of paste into a large.
The bowl is convenient because almost no gap gives close the pan with a lid, what we do and put the pan in to the fire, can be quite strong.
When the water in the pot boils badly, disconnect the fire. The cover is not removable. Leave for about 30-60 minutes to let the cheese ball hardened, and finally separated from the whey. The longer stand up so the mass, the curd will be thicker and sourer. The mass in the bowl looks, at this stage, so:
Swings the mass on a stainless colander with fine mesh, placed on a pan or large bowl. Subject to separate serum for 30-60 minutes. If in a hurry, you can crush the cheese with a large spoon, whey will drain faster. It looks like you just tilted the ground.
Wipe curd through the same sieve. So it will be a peerless tender. This step is recommended never to skip)
It looks like the finished curd) is Often for later use, for example, cheesecakes, lazy dumplings, knead the dough in the same pan. From 2 liters of yogurt turns out 500-600 g of cheese.
The serum can be used in other meals, just to drink or use for washing dishes. In General it is very useful, but it is impossible to use at high acidity of gastric juice, gastric ulcer. So, if you do not want to drink the serum, still don't pour it: in a pot put the serum at night spoons, forks, and then wash with water. Or pour the whey into a pan with a touch of water, leave overnight, it will Shine, because the serum contains lactic acid, dissolving the salt.
The finished curd we often eat as a separate dish, adding cream and honey or jam to taste. Bon appetit!
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