Cottage cheese
The delicate curd of milk purchase


  • Milk

    2 l

  • Citric acid

    0.3 tsp


Pour the milk into a saucepan, bring to a temperature of 37 degrees. Easiest way to check the temperature is to dip my toe in the milk. If the temperature close to the temperature of your body, so the milk is the right temperature. Add the lemon juice and begin to stir. Almost immediately begin to form flakes))) Cook for 5 minutes
Place the cheesecloth, folded in half, in a sieve, put the sieve in a pan, pour the our mixture into sieve. Wait until drained, about 3 hours. All our cottage cheese is ready! As it turns out the cottage cheese curds, about 250 gr. Bon appetit!
For those who like a more dense curd, do the following. Put the cheese in a pan, add milk (about 200 ml) and cook for 5 minutes. We perform the same procedure as in the beginning. Only time will need much less, about 30 min to fully merged serum.
After a while we get so more dense Komkova, cheese Bon appetit))
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