Pork hot and cold smoked
I have a long lie these two recipes and smoked meat in the pressure cooker-smokehouse Unit, decided to show it to You, in the hope that they will be useful to owners of pressure cookers-wick lamps. Meat that in the first and in the second case, turned out excellent.


  • Ham

    3 kg

  • Salt

  • Paprika sweet

    1 tsp

  • Chili

    0.5 tsp


To begin with, what ham I divided into two halves. The meat should be covered with salt so that it was covered with salt from all sides, the exact amount of salt can not specify, but the meat should be completely covered with salt, as I have in the pictures.
Next, sprinkle meat with seasonings. And put into the fridge for 3-4 days. Meat twice a day, I did morning and evening, should be turned in a saucepan on the second day will be a little meat juice, that's fine.
After 3-4 days the meat is thoroughly washed in cold water and proceed to Smoking. We must not forget on the lid of the cooker to change the white ring to the ring Smoking.
Set the bowl for Smoking (them to the pressure cooker there are two for smoked and normal), pour 1 table spoon with a slide Apple chips (chips will fit any stone fruit tree, Apple tree, cherry, cherry, plum, etc.) in a special metal container, close it with a lid. Next install the sieve for Smoking. Lay a piece of meat.
First I'll smoke the first piece of meat in the "Cold smoke". Set the mode "Cold Smoking", 59 minutes, after this time drain relief valve pressure, take out the meat cooled.
Next, I'll smoke the second piece of meat in the "Hot Smoking", for this I (a Smoking device, naturally, not soap) added into the container chips, in a bowl you must add 150 ml of water. Turn on mode "Hot Smoking" and 59 minutes. Upon completion of the program down pressure valve. Take out the meat. From meat to eat is not recommended, it is desirable to cool and left to stand for 1 day. The meat I have stored a week, maybe more would be stored, but ate it. My husband liked the cold-smoked, hot me.
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