Sweet yeast dough for bread and cheesecakes
Tender, sweet, airy dough is made without eggs, for any sweet baking! Even normal rolls with poppy seeds obtained simply mouth-watering!


  • Milk

    350 ml

  • Butter

    70 g

  • Sugar

    3 Tbsp

  • Salt

    1.5 tsp

  • Flour

    530 g

  • Yeast

    3 tsp


Start with the test. I trust his bread maker (I have "Moulinex home brad"). The ingredients in the recipe specifies the order of bookmarks products for my stove. For other bread - lay in the manner recommended by the manufacturer. The "Dough" - "Basic". If knead by hand: warm the milk add sugar and yeast, let it sit a little, then add the salt, softened butter and gradually add flour. Put the dough in a warm place an hour and a half. During this time, make 2 of punching.
While the dough was salesianos, I started stuffing. Today I have the cheesecake and buns with poppy seeds. Mixed cheese, sugar, egg and steamed raisins, added vanilla.
By this time our dough. The dough may be sticky - this is normal, as for the amount of water a relatively small amount of flour, this dough will be surprisingly light, airy and elastic. If they do much - add a little flour, do not punch the dough with flour to increase the density and it will not be gentle, try to add as little as possible, until the opportunity to work with him. Good flour hands, work surface of the table, the rolling pin (if necessary).
Dough forming a small pellet and spread on a parchment lined baking sheet. Send our cakes to the proofing in a warm place (mine is the oven with a minimum temperature of 50 degrees).
Coming up pellets remove from heat Cup (or more comfortable) make this dent in the middle.
In the notches spread the filling.
Lubricated with egg and bake it in the oven for 15-20 minutes until Browning at a temperature of 180-200 degrees.
The finished product cool slightly and serve!
Buns with poppy seeds.
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