Soft cheese lentil
Similar and long-forgotten recipe of cheese were our ancestors cooked peas. I decided to reinterpret it under the lentils. Cheese, despite such an unusual name, has a pleasant and delicate taste. Perfect for people adhering to post and vegetarians.


  • Lentils

    200 g

  • Olive oil

    100 ml

  • Salt

    0.66 tsp

  • Spices

    0.25 tsp

  • Dill

    10 g

  • Oat flakes

    50 g

  • Bread

    1 slice

  • Water

    500 ml


To prepare lentil cheese we need oat sourdough. For it will need oatmeal, slice of rye bread and warm, boiled water.
In a jar pour the cereal, break a piece of bread and pour warm water. Cover with gauze and leave on for 2-3 minutes at room temperature.
It is necessary to focus on the color, smell and taste – oatmeal sourdough should be transparent in the middle (the flakes fall down, the crust rises to top), pale brown, with a noticeable sour odor and pleasant sour taste, similar to kvass. In the photo the starter on my 2nd day, and the third was ready. Ready oatmeal sourdough strain through a sieve, to give a little to settle. Half transparent fluid drained, and half with sludge use.
For this recipe I used yellow split lentils.
Boil the lentils according to package instructions, drain in a colander to glass excess fluid.
Put the lentils into another container and blend with immersion blender.
Add salt, pepper, olive oil and sourdough (50 ml).
Another good blend to smooth mass.
Spread lentil mixture over forms greased with olive oil. I put in a small round mould (diameter 11 cm)
To the remaining mass add finely chopped dill. Mix well.
Put into silicone molds. Cover tightly with parchment paper and leave for 2-3 days for ripening indoors at room temperature. Silicone mould with the hearts I put it in a plastic bag. Then, as it turned out, the ones that I covered with parchment, it came out with a crust (it's okay), and little hearts without the crust. The cheese is ready, remove from the molds, put into the refrigerator to make it easier to slice.
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