Passion for pasta. In search of Carbonara. Instead of the Intro. I really love pasta. Just can not imagine my culinary life without "pasta"; ) Today will be another look Amateur on a wonderful dish.


  • Brisket

    200 g

  • Chicken egg

    5 piece

  • Garlic

    2 tooth

  • Cream

    200 g

  • Parmesan

    100 g

  • Spaghetti

  • Black pepper

  • Olive oil


For example, Carbonara is one of the pillars of Italian culinary classics. Cooking and trying me it happened in a bunch of different options: without cream, with different number of eggs, no protein, and the yolk in the half shell in the dish, with garlic, without garlic, with pepper, with bacon, pancetta and bacon. In General, I'm looking for. Looking for still. While for me personal favorite - with cream and bacon with garlic. I love when a lot of sauce when it comes out silk and nourishing. Here on the Internet a lot of shouting about "authenticity" - a passion do not like this word. For me the main criterion - "delicious"-"tasteless". And since "the taste and color...", then shouting, accordingly, always. I scream I will not, because you can skip dinner... so I'll cook your favorite, sharpened by me option. Here are the following products:
- Bacon or pancetta like to put in the freezer for an hour or two, to make it easier to cut. The slicer I have, have to get out. Cut into small dice. - Meat can be cut large or small - You decide.
- Grate the Parmesan.
- Separate the yolk from the white and the yolk will beat into a soft mousse vichicom.
Cook spaghetti until it's well-known and already namozolivshih eyes al dente). Let it be Tvardica - she lost in the hot sauce.
- Fry the bacon for a few minutes, then add the chopped garlic. A "culinary online góra" they say that garlic is not needed. You look LIKE you taste better.
- Separately, heat up the cream, let them slightly cool and mix with grated cheese. A little grind with a spoon. Add the egg yolks, stir. - Spaghetti recline in a colander and then return to still hot pan. Throw the bacon with garlic and cream-cheese mixture. Close the lid and shake several times. Or just mix. If everything is correct and quick to make, will not be lumps and the sauce get smooth and positive. Oh, one more thing. I try to always leave a Cup of the cooking water - it is fine to dilute the thick sauce, almost any.
- All. Heated plate or bowl for pasta. - Sprinkle black pepper. Take the time to warm it on a dry pan and grind. - Some of my friends love to sprinkle dry garlic, but it's not for everybody. - Another one of my own. I love garlic and sometimes for this recipe, bake the garlic in the husk, then lightly crush with your hands mash and mix with butter mixture. Well, that's food for thought.
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    Вкусно получилось, спасибо вам)))

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    Диана Гаврилюк

    Очень вкусно вышло!

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