Soft cheese from yogurt
First of all I want to apologize to the dear sisters, whom I promised to hurry to post this recipe, and the post only now, two weeks later. In General, "Dehin& quot; is a miracle, otherwise there could not tell! Cooked very simply from plain yogurt, but the result is truly stunning! This wonderful cheese is great by itself, but you can add it to various dishes or simply spread on bread. Well, of course worth to note that Dehin incredibly useful, as well, and most of the dishes I put, but thanks for not me, amazing Indian cuisine and Ayur-Veda! I present to you another miracle that will leave no one indifferent!


  • Yogurt

  • Salt


So, we begin to conjure! If you have a TV in the kitchen, then turn it off so as not to interfere focus! I actually dumped in a landfill. :-D But come on, stop joking, though, about your TV I'm serious! :-) To create this wonderful cheese in the first place, we need yogurt. It can be bought in the store, or to prepare them for this recipe: http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/248 32/ it is very important to understand that the quality of our wonderful cheese "Dehena" will entirely depend on the quality of the yogurt. However, to worry about it not worth it - even from store-bought yogurt you can get wonderful Degin! Simply select the store that yogurt that you like best to taste and see to be sure it was fresh. If the yogurt is not fresh, it will have sour taste and pungent smell, the same happens, and Dejin, so it's important to use fresh yogurt! Russia has very good yoghurt is considered the "Danone ACTIVIA". I myself have not tried it, but on the Internet, the people of his very praises. In General, best to buy products (not just yogurt) with a mark "BIO"- then there is at least some chance that the product will be natural.
Yogurt hopefully understood, now let's prepare the needed utensils. We need a pot that will drain serum and a colander.
Lay in a colander with a clean cloth or gauze folded four times and pour it in the yogurt. You can spread on the surface of the fabric on all sides to quickly separated serum. The ends of the fabric fold and put on top of yogurt.
Now, tightly wrap this simple design transparent plastic film. This is necessary in order to limit exposure to yogurt oxygen because our cheese will be prepared a few hours and if this is not done, the yogurt may just turn sour, or worse, be covered by a dry yellow crust. Now put the whole thing in the fridge. If you want to get a soft cheese, then leave in the fridge for 12-18 hours, and if you want to crisp the cheese, then let it stand in the fridge for about a day, or a little longer.
After about 16 hours, I did it so that's the beauty of it. Place the soft cheese in a sealed bowl and place in refrigerator. At this stage, Dehin can be a bit of salt. Stecchi do not throw away the whey! It is possible just to drink or use in various recipes, such as knead it the dough, or cook a wonderful soup. In the refrigerator in an airtight container, Dehin can be stored for about three days.
Be happy and healthy! Bon appetit!
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