Lemon drink
Today I want to introduce You to the Turkish lemonade. The drink is very rich in vitamin C, very refreshing and thirst quenching. But even fierce winter it will serve You well if You suddenly become ill. To any holiday table, he is king of soft drinks. It is very fond of kids. In Turkey it is prepared differently, but I like this option because it does not boil, i.e., it retains all the vitamins. To prepare this drink is ridiculously simple, and the result will not leave anyone indifferent. You just need to try. So, let's dive in...


  • Water

    5 l

  • Lemon

    7 piece

  • Sugar

    700 g

  • Mint

    3 piece


Very thoroughly wash the lemons, because in the case we let them together with the skin. Then cut them into random pieces (not large, but not very small).
Then lay them in the mixer, we pour a little sugar that makes them easier to ground, and add, if you have the mint leaves. In the mixer all at once doesn't fit, so do portions. For those who have no mixer, tip: you can grate, but always with the skin on.
Grind everything to a pulp.
Fill our milled limes with water, add sugar to taste (just remember that the sugar in cold water dissolves a long time, so don't pereslava). In no case do not pour hot water, otherwise You get a bitter drink. Now, put a pot of lemonade for the night in the fridge. Again, do not leave the drink to infuse at room temperature, will taste bitter.
The next morning, take out the pan from the refrigerator. The lemon will sink to the bottom.
Now all it cause you to strain. Through the gauze, can, I, through a sieve, whatever you like.
Now, our drink is ready. Kladitis and vitaminiziruet health, please your family, friends and yourself a fabulous drink. Prepare only once, at least on trial, and You will not be able to abandon it.
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