Honey gingerbread in a slow cooker
Decided to bake gingerbread honey to tea, because tea drinking was not! Took a very simple recipe and really make his task easier, did it in MV. But then got bored, wanted something to do, decided to make gingerbread cake. It's an "poutine house". In principle, it is the usual gingerbread without problems, and special efforts. Enjoy your tea!


  • Honey

    2 Tbsp

  • Chicken egg

    2 piece

  • Sugar

    1 cup

  • Butter

    100 g

  • Yogurt

    3 Tbsp

  • Soda

    1 tsp

  • Flour

    2 cup

  • Nuts

    100 g

  • Chocolate milk

    40 g

  • Cream

    250 g

  • Sesame

    3 Tbsp


Mix honey with baking soda-allow to stand for about 10 min. Add eggs and sugar, stir again, allow to stand for, but about 5 min. Melt the butter (someone margarine), mix again is 5 min. Add the yogurt and nuts (or seeds, or candied fruit, or both as you like). Stir it carefully. Consistency should be like thick cream. (sorry photo missing, technically illiterate hands it was accidentally deleted)! Pour the batter into the pan multiverse, put the mode "Pastries"1 hour. Turned lush gingerbread, looking at which, I wanted to turn it into a "type" of cake!
Cut the cake lengthwise into 2 parts
(although then I realized but it was too late. that it was possible to make him 3 or 4 Korzh).
Missed the cakes with butter cream, top decorated with melted chocolate, sides sprinkled with sesame seeds. Turned out to be delicious, not an intricate cake.
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