Apple juice
This year was an excellent crop of apples. What they do now? Your attention is invited to a simple way of getting Apple juice without using a juicer.


  • Apple

    4 kg

  • Water

    3 l


The juice will obtain a method of extracting diffusion. Apples my. Cut into halves, removing the damaged area.
Shred the apples using a food processor, using the nozzle for shredding. Either grind the apples in any way manually.
Put the apples in enamel bucket or pan. Lightly stamped. Fill with water with temperature of 60 degrees so that the water is slightly closed apples. I took 3 liters of water. Press on top of the yoke. Now have to wait, till the juice will pass from apples in the water. After 2 hours, the water takes on a visible color, but the taste of the juice is almost not felt. 12 hours is already well noticeable smell, acid and sweetness, but the taste of the juice is still not saturated. But after 24 hours, the juice can be drained and use. Juice you can drink, canned, prepared from a cider. The concentration of the thus obtained juice is roughly equivalent to the concentration of juice obtained through a juicer and dilute with water in ratio 1:1.
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