Low calorie cake
Moist and moderately sweet "Napoleon&a mp;quot;, contains 250 kcal per 100 g Preparation of cakes and desserts with reduced calories and traditional taste - it's a hobby that allows you to handle multiple disciplines simultaneously (including culinary arts, nutritionists, mathematics, etc.). The result is not only delicious, but is suitable for athletes, coaches and people associated with the sport.


  • Flour

    380 g

  • Leavening agent

    18 g

  • Chicken egg

    140 g

  • Margarine

    140 g

  • Milk

    360 g

  • Chocolate milk

    22 g

  • Sunflower oil

    10 g

  • Ryazhenka

    150 g

  • Sugar substitute

    13 piece


1. To begin calculate the caloric value of the future cake. It is no secret that usually the "Napoleon" has a caloric value of 450 to 500 kcal. By using Splenda, sour milk and small amount of oil can reduce calorie meals. Remember that changing the ingredients, You also change the calorie content (i.e. it should be counted).
2. Of sour milk, half of margarine, 5 tablets of sugar substitute (raspustil in a tablespoon of water), 350 g of flour and baking powder knead the dough. The finished dough roll into a sausage, which should be divided into 6 parts. Each of the obtained pieces roll into a loaf, coat with vegetable oil and send in the fridge for half an hour. Half an hour later the dough extract and roll out thin cakes on the diameter of the slow cooker, send them in to bake. Life hack for "incomplete" Housewives - instead of a rolling pin for rolling you can use a clean glass container (for example 0.5 liter jar without a label). If You are confident in your slow cooker, parchment paper for baking can not be used, however, it was the cakes easier to flip. Skin before baking prick. Each cake bake for 5-7 minutes on each side until light brown colour.
3. Finished cakes spread on parchment to cool and cut the edges that will come in handy for decorating the cake. While the cakes bake, cook the custard of three eggs 360 g milk, remaining Splenda, 30 g flour. Cream brewed convenient to cook in the fire or steamed in the microwave. Don't forget a thoroughly to break up clumps. Finished in warm cream, add the remaining half of the margarine (butter) and mix. The cream should then allow to cool completely and thicken.
4. Finely chop the chocolate for decoration. Trim the cakes in a slow cooker and cook until Golden. RUB each cake with cream, including the top and sides. Decorate the cake with crumbs and chocolate. Let "Napoleon" brew day.
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