~Fructose in souffle~
Encroached on this kind of thing for the first time. Turned out very savory, very tender, fruity cake soufflé! I don't really have such cakes soufflé.. I am more the napoleonchikami, shokoladnica)) but my all loved it, I did not expect even!


  • Puff pastry

    1 pack

  • Cream

    300 g

  • Sour cream

    200 g

  • Vanilla sugar

    2 pack

  • Sugar

    100 g

  • Yogurt

    220 g

  • Gelatin

    20 g

  • Peach

    1 can

  • Pineapple

    1 can

  • Jelly

    1 pack

  • Sugar

    60 g


1. Defrost the puff pastry is ready. I used to buy quadratische that..and now once took such rolls, and to me it is much more pleasant..! Bake 4 Korzh..I dough quite a bit unrolled to have the cookies turned out fat!
2. Whisk sour cream with sugar,
3. Whisk the cream, (which from the package Patrol there..) with vanilla sugar.
4. Pour the sour cream into the cream
5. That's my yogurt ..
6. Pour in the yogurt....
7. Stir..
8. Dilute the gelatine in the juice from under the pineapple with the addition of a little water.... (I overexposed when cooled down near the window (-13 though!)... but that's okay..just again on fire..and everything will dissolve...
9. Pour the cooled (but liquid!))) the gelatin in our mass...
10. Very well mixed to achieve a homogeneous mass.. Put in a cold place for 15-20 minutes + -.. the Mass hardens..but not to the point of stone))) and be obedient!
11. Cut the peaches and pineapple....
12. You can shoot foil (as I do) .. but you can not vystelite )))..just at that moment I thought..what will happen ..and just fire still made!) Cookie monster... on Top of peaches slowi...(forgot to remove!)
13. The peaches above are namesystem cream ..
14. The cake .. and now pineapples..
15. Cream ..
16. The cake .. peaches .. Cream .. And cover with the last cake(forgot to shoot!))
17. At this time, dilute the jelly in the juice from the peaches. can the water heating it up.. (the instructions you need the contents of the bag to connect with 60 g of sugar, and then dilute our mixture in a cold liquid and put on fire .. bring to boil..simmer for 15 seconds..then remove from heat and let slightly cool....).....
18. The remaining fruit spread on top of cake to your imagination (I just have thrown!!))... We continue the theme of jelly...just postivie jelly (tablespoons 7 tablespoons) carefully pour on the fruit... Give satit... When it is cold..pour the rest!
19. Put in the cold for 1-2-3 hours. A piece I've done in 40 minutes..niche! frozen)) But better still to soaked..leave overnight.. I'm in a little foil wrapped on the window! frost did the trick!) Bon appetit! :-*
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