Potato pizza without the dough
So I liked this idea! Prepared quickly, no hassle with the dough, and the taste.......... In General, my child asked now to always make pizza only in this version.


  • Potatoes

    400 g

  • Tomato

    300 g

  • Sausage

    200 g

  • Cheese

    300 g

  • Pepper

    0.5 piece

  • Chicken egg

    4 piece

  • Milk

    150 ml


All very quick and easy. Take the potatoes, wash, peel, cut into slices (thickness about 3-4 mm), spread in a single layer on the laid baking paper baking sheet. Sprinkle with seasonings (I sprinkled ground black pepper) and send for 20 minutes in a preheated 180C the oven.
While the potatoes are baking, prepare the filling. Sausage and peppers cut into cubes, tomatoes, thinly slices, cheese grate. Now do fill. in a bowl mix eggs and milk. Well, made it all, just potatoes our pojavilas, get the pan and
as usual - a layer of sausage, peppers,
tomatoes, pour the filling and bake it in the oven for half an hour, again at 180C. The pan is better to put higher, and the potatoes fill cook quickly, and the tomatoes will not have time to "fasten."
As the half hour passed, take out, sprinkle with grated cheese and put in oven for three minutes, to melt cheese. I'm still on top of cheese sprinkled pepper freshly ground for greater sharpness.
Everything!!! Ready!!!
Cut off a piece and eat! Bon appetit!
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