The cake in the pan without an oven
That's a long time thought to post this recipe or not. Search gave no results and I decided. If there is such will remove without a doubt. It's not even a recipe but rather a method of preparation of the sponge cake without an oven.


  • Chicken egg

    4 piece

  • Sugar

    0.5 cup

  • Flour

    0.5 cup


So, first collect the design itself, which will replace our oven. Take any large pot that will fit another, smaller one. Less, are going to bake our cake. Call it a form... In a big pot, put a plate. The pot is smoked and the dish is better to take what is not sorry. It Browns toast a bit and alas not really. I use one, I have a beautiful brown color... photo took another.
I have the first pot low, so I use this kind of form. Is the former an old ice cream parlor. Grease the bottom of sunflower oil without smell. The walls are not lubricated. Cut out of paper (I have regular, printer the snow maiden) to form the bottom of the circle and put into the form.
Then we will need cover to close the form. You need to wrap it with a towel or H. b. cloth to ensure that the air does not enter and avoid condensation.
Next, cover the large pot with a lid. I have it somewhere here, and I covered the Cup. Here and ready our makeshift oven.
Well, then prepare the biscuit. You can do it like you used to, or enjoy the many recipes on this website. I do the usual way. Since my form is not very big, and the number of products is small. Four detachable egg whites from yolks. First with a mixer, on low speed in a large bowl, whisk whites until white peaks.
After increase the speed and whisk until a thick cap. Only then, gradually, add half of the sugar. In the photo the entire volume of sugar, add it in half.
Beat separately the yolks immediately with the remaining sugar
Gently mix beaten egg whites and yolks. As tidy a little, add the flour. Stir with a spoon from top to bottom.
Put into the form our dough. Put in a large pot, the bottom of which a plate. Cover the form with a lid wrapped in a towel. Cover a large pan with a lid. Put on the divider (if you have a gas stove). If electric, how I can do without it. Bake on very low heat 50минут. In the first 30 minutes, do not touch and do not shake the oven. After 50 minutes, slowly open the large lid, then a little and check the readiness with a toothpick. The top of the cake will be white, not "toasted" and the sides are Golden brown.
The cooled sponge cake to cut down on the sides with a knife and remove from the mold. Here it is I did. This bottom, about the top I forgot, sorry.
Cut lengthwise into two parts, the impregnated coffee with cream, collect and decorate. I have oil down, the cream was not very, grains. And with the embellishment, I don't make friends. But the taste is not affected. Well, that's all.
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