Pickled cucumbers
This recipe more than 20 years, so did my grandmother, my mother, and me. I decided to share. Ingredients are designed for 3-liter bottle.


  • Cucumber

    6 kg

  • Dill

  • Horseradish

  • Sheet cherry

    4 piece

  • The sheet of wood

    3 piece

  • Leaf currant

    5 piece

  • Salt


Wash the cucumbers, the leaves, prepare the horseradish root (to clean). Banks to wash in the usual way. Sterilizing is not necessary. Arrange the cucumbers in 3-liter cans (I have a photo of a 2-liter of what remains). I do so: horseradish leaves, cucumbers, umbrellas dill, horseradish root, then the leaves of oak, cherries, currants, and so alternate. I love when a lot of dill, leaves etc, it turns out very fragrant.
Then, all of the finished bottle, pours salt from barter measure is 100 gr. the glass from the neck of a glass put two fingers and poured salt to the toes, about 70-75 grams. (I never measured and not weighed, I feel comfortable.). Then fill with water (the usual) and set to quasits for 3 days.
I have in this recipe is the secret. Every day I poured the brine in a pot or where you want it,
And cucumbers, washed under running water (in the bootheel), 3-4 times depends on what kind of residue you will have.
Pour the same brine.
On the 3rd day pour the brine into a pan, and put on the heat until the brine boils - wash the cucumbers. Add to taste black pepper, peas, 5-7 pieces, and pour the boiling brine, twists, turns. Wrap is not necessary. Cucumbers work as a cask, delicious, before the new year we all eat.
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