Mint syrup
Mint syrup. It's a charming sweetness, pour over pancakes or fritters, soak the cake or grease the muffin or just a spoonful of tea, and in summer you can dissolve a couple of tablespoons of the syrup in ice water...


  • Mint

  • Water

    100 g

  • Sugar

    200 g


Mint - the more the better - to wash and dry. Fold in a container and cover with water. Crush (just pick it), of course, you can mint just chop them and leave, but it's not something...
Grind better longer - there will be a crazy flavor, the water will change color, and the taste is... mmmmmm... Peppermint take out - then use only the "nectar".
Add sugar, stir. Boil down until thick on a slow fire, stir! I do this in the microwave three times for a few minutes, taking out and stirring.
The consistency of the honey is obtained directly, and aromatise is something! As the same repeat of dry mint I don't know... it is Unlikely the flavor will be the same.
And a small clarification: - if you want to add acid, you can drop lemon juice or a little citric acid. - you can add ginger for spice. - good with cinnamon and vanilla - spicy. I'm honestly satisfied with the basic recipe ))).
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