Orange liqueur
I needed to bake the orange liqueur, and frankly, was very surprised by its cost in the store. I searched recipes online, but none of them "stopped". This recipe is found in a very old book. Cooking will take 5 weeks, but believe me, they are worth it.


  • Orange

    5 piece

  • Vodka

    1 l

  • Sugar

    400 g


Oranges wash thoroughly. Orange zest finely to remove (the white part is trying not to touch to the liqueur then bitter) and cut into small pieces,
Sleep in a jar;
Pour the vodka and put in a warm place (near the battery) or if the liquor is prepared in the summer, on the window (covered with opaque cloth). To insist in heat for 3 weeks.
After this, the infused vodka filtered.
In the bowl of sugar and cups (250 grams) of tincture of prepare the syrup.
Bring the syrup to a boil, stirring constantly. To turn off the stove. Cool in a water bath to a warm state (I poured cold water in a saucepan larger). The consistency of the syrup looks like jam. Stir and pour in the tincture.
Then the liquor put in a jar to infuse for another 2 weeks. (It is not necessary to pour under the neck, do not forget that will "go response", so leave some room).
The finished liqueur is bottled and well zakuporit, store in a cool place.
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