A delicious layered salad with ham, cheese, mushrooms... and a lot more. Refuelling is also done on their own – in my opinion, is a nice alternative to the traditional mayonnaise, as is done in 1 minute. It was a truly festive salad. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".


  • Pork

    300 g

  • Mushrooms

    1 can

  • Onion

    2 piece

  • Cheese

    250 g

  • Chicken egg

    4 piece

  • Walnuts

    70 g

  • Greens

    1 coup

  • Carrots

    1 piece

  • Vegetable oil

    150 ml

  • Mustard

    1 Tbsp

  • Vinegar

    0.5 Tbsp

  • Soy sauce

    1 Tbsp


Prepare the dressing. Detachable egg yolks (from boiled eggs), the whites will go in the salad. Mash them with a fork, add French mustard, soy sauce, vinegar, stir, pour vegetable oil and stir. All! the preparation of elementary, so very delicious, I like much more the purchase of mayonnaise.
Salad doing layers. Cut the pork into thin slices. This is the first layer.
A few sprigs of dill cut, put on top of meat, then a little filling.
The next layer – mushrooms. Pour the liquid from the jar and put the mushrooms. Again, put a little filling.
Next is a bow. Bow pre-cut into smaller pieces and pickle in diluted vinegar water. The ratio of vinegar and water 1 : 1. Quite 15 minutes, but I usually leave it somewhere for 1 hour. (If you want to make in advance, and at night, just need to put in the fridge). The liquid is then drained off, wash the onion with cold water. Again a little sauce.
On a fine grater grate the cheese over the cooked carrots.
All this we cover with sauce, spread it all. Grate the egg whites, the top layer put chopped walnuts.
On top of the dill made a Christmas tree and toys – cranberry - our famous Northern winter berries. This here salad. Bon appetit!
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