Beet kvass for all occasions
Beet (Buryakova) brew you can just drink a useful, refreshing, normalizes digestion. But it is more associated with such dishes as spunta and beetroot, where he is simply irreplaceable. Soup with the addition of this brew will sparkle with new colors (and the color and taste). This recipe beet kvass can be prepared by anyone, not even to make a brew before. The recipe is very detailed.


  • Beets

    350 g

  • Sugar

    5 Tbsp

  • Water

    2 l

  • Sourdough


Ingredients. One healthy beets (about 300-350 g). The yeast from the last brew. If not, a pinch of yeast, either for the tip of a knife.
Beets RUB on a large grater.
Stacked in the container in which there will be a process.
Add the sugar.
A little mix to the released sugar beet juice. Sugar and beet juice do not need to sweeten, it is the food that will eat your yeast, providing you return the fermentation process.
Put on top of the starter. What if the ferment is not? Take separate small palochka, add back a teaspoon of sugar, dilute with not much warm water, add the yeast, stir gently, allow to stand for 10 minutes. The alternative (and the source) of the leaven is ready. In the case of using yeast in a container put the cork of any of rye bread, there also pour the contents palocci.
Fill it with water.
A few words about water. If you don't you use bottled water, boil is not necessary. It should be at room temperature. If your water should be boiled before adding to the container it needs to be cool. Remember, yeast is a living creature. Comfortable temperature for them, in which the active processes of life (and, consequently, the fermentation process), the same as for you. Try to water by hand - if your hand is comfortable to be there, it will be good and the yeast. If you do brew in the winter, even bottled water will be good slightly warm to a comfortable temperature.
Put this, not afraid of the word, the nursery is in a cozy place without direct sunlight, if the summer, in the winter in a warm place. Cover the container so that there do not crumble, but that your yeast had a good supply of oxygen for breathing. I just leave a good gap, covering the top lid. Without sufficient oxygen you will get mold, not fermentation. In the pictures the evening of the same day.
If you have created for the yeast a good environment for life, must begin to ferment in about two hours when using yeast, and the hours from four to five when using regular yeast. To stand all this two or three days, depending on the ambient temperature. In the pictures the next day.
What floats to the surface, periodically you need to very gently stir, returning back, so as not withered). There's still plenty of food for the yeast.
Ready. I was 2.5 hours. How to understand what the kvass is ready? First, stop the fermentation process. Carbon dioxide (foam) almost is not allocated, the yeast ate all the sugar and went into hibernation. Beets do not POPs up. Secondly, you can try, but remember to complete the brew needs to settle.
Constructed here such (or similar) simple device.
Filter our source. Do not hesitate to slightly squeeze the liquid out of the cake. This cake can later be used as a starter for the next beet kvass. In a sealed glass jar in the refrigerator can be stored for months seven or eight.
What happened at the exit (and if the proportions is a 2 l +- 150 g, depending on the juiciness of the beets), pour into a container with a lid (plastic bottles, a Bank) that is tightly closed and put into the fridge for at least a day. During this time, in the cold and in the absence of oxygen life processes of the yeast is reduced to a minimum, the fermentation finally stops. Brew will rid of the taste of the brew.
Now finally ready.
Can be consumed as a refreshing drink, by the way is a little long for salty. Great upsets hangover). Required when cooking such dishes as spondre (recipe can be found here, on the boy, I, for example). From my point of view kholodnyk (beetroot soup) without the beet kvass is not quoted))). You can add to the soup. You can even marinate meat in reasonable proportions. Applications in the kitchen a lot.
Bon appetite and peace to your home!
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