Kvass from rye malt crackers
Many know the taste of this brew. In the Soviet time cask brew prepared in this way. To make this brew, you need to get in a little crackers, but then a great dark brew is prepared exclusively easy and simple.


  • Rye flour

    2 kg

  • Malt

    300 g

  • Sugar

    1 kg

  • Water

    1.5 l


Again, to make this brew have a little try. The preparation of yeast involves two steps - preparation of malt biscuits and cooking the actual brew. The focus of the description is given to the manufacture of crackers is quite a time-consuming process. And preparation of kvass from dried crust will not cause you any difficulties, this is trivial.
The crushed malt, if it bean. In a suitable saucepan (preferably a pot with a volume of approximately 10 liters) pour warm water. Gradually adding the flour and malt, knead the dough. Knead desirable strong wooden shovel (to knead by hand is very unpleasant). Add flour and knead the dough. At some point the dough will become so steep that the kneading then will be impossible. All, no longer have to suffer. The dough will be very sticky, still very liquid and, frankly, ugly. Okay, it's a feature of the test from rye flour. Cover the pot with a lid and put in a warm place for several hours. It is desirable that the temperature of the dough was about 55 degrees Celsius. Such a warm place in the apartment to find difficult, therefore, can be supplied in any suitable warm place - the process will go as it should anyway, well, maybe not quite perfect.
After the dough is thoroughly rested, proceed to the baking of bread. Poured on the table a little more flour. Throw out the dough from the pan. Sparing of flour to the dough less sticking to hands, sculpt the medium size balls (I got 8 pieces). Cakes spread on a baking pan, covered with suitable paper, a little razdelyaet them. Bake.
Bake bread preferably in such a way: first 2-3 hours to hold in the oven at a temperature of 60-70 C, and then bake at 200 C. Under the willingness to be understood hard brown crust and smell of the finished cakes. If there is a smell of burning bread oven, switch off, remove the loaves from the oven. Now the bread needs to rest to dry out for a couple of days in a dry ventilated place (inside they likely will still remain moist).
The last stage of cooking bread - bread should be broken in smaller, pour into pan and thoroughly fry in the oven. The crackers should be dry and obzharitsya to rich brown. Browning should define you. The more they roast, the darker the brew. But, of course, need to know the measure. Don't overdo it.
The resulting crackers pour any bag, the best of the cotton fabric. Enough of them you will probably for the summer. As needed, prepare them from the brew. While preparing the brew this way: boil a large pot of 8 liters of water, remove the pan from the heat and pour in 400 grams of crackers (~ 5 % by weight), stir. Leave the wort to steep until cool. It will take about 8 hours. I usually start to prepare the brew in the evening, at night and finish their cooking in the morning. In the morning strain the kvass (a cotton waffle fabric - very comfortable). Makes about 7 gallons of clear wort. Cedida the wort very well, no jelly and turbidity in the must not (all the starch, the malt and the selected technology will be converted to sugar.) Then add to the brew a teaspoon of dry yeast. You can use the starter, but the brew will be noticeably more sour. At the same time added to the brew sugar. Sugar dissolved separately in a skillet in a small amount of wort or water, boil, add herbs (mint, oregano, etc.). I add nothing at all sugar - 20 g per liter. And add it solely in order to give extra food to the yeast and to ensure the saturation of the brew with carbon dioxide. He finished the brew in the bottles I have don't contain sugar at all (remember the wine or champagne "Brut"). This provides the minimum content of alcohol and vinegar in the brew, the maximum shelf life, a minimum of negative factors in terms of the impact on the human body at the maximum positive factors.
Once on the surface of the brew will appear soft, fine white foam, you should pour kvass in bottles. I use plastic 2-liter bottles from under carbonated drinks (beer, mineral water). As far as I know, nothing dangerous in there (but use a bottle it should only once or twice - no more). Bottles stacked in the refrigerator on the top shelf. After one day, the brew is already possible to try, in two - he was fully ready.
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