My friends, do You like beer? And I can not stand. And your gut in the heat and asks chegonit cold, kruchenkova and slightly intoxicating, but with refined taste. Of course, such recipes are a dime a dozen, but this I tenderly love... because he was born by chance, thanks to the irresponsibility of my anticholiner wife, because as soon as he crosses the threshold of the kitchen, it is in General well-sharpened pen, begin to branch out of the place) in One word, instead of the planned Apple kvass, the recipe of which I dictated letters to him on the phone, he because of his neglect of the case, greeted me almost with champagne! Of course, the original recipe, given the new circumstances, I have developed and customized as grit to your taste and color, and now, it resembles a lightly alcoholic sparkling drink, which we cleverly called differently, depending on the weather and time of day), morning brew, afternoon cider and in the evening, well, almost champagne, and not Vice versa! Because you know, champagne in the morning drink Yeti, well, we're not the ones not these) And so it started, and at the end of the recipe, I'm under another glass, continues the story which began in my previous recipe!


  • Juice

    300 g

  • Sugar

    3 Tbsp

  • Yeast

    1 piece

  • Water

    1.2 l


How I love the pumpkin flavor!... From her smell I just go crazy!) And this drink preserves all of its unique pickle-watermelon-melon mix of freshness and delicate peach color! In the village, since last year, I had one small pumpkin, so when I made a drink of it, or rather already did) I just had an Epiphany, well I could think of to share this recipe with you?! And of course, immediately beginning to scribble this recipe, however, the question rested on the pumpkin because it was already used and a step-by-step recipe, alas, will be without her, but I democratically allowed to replace it with juice or any other, for example, currant, will tell you, it will be too well sooo delicious! (actually, in this recipe even fuck each juice is obtained its special taste) it is easy and fast, 2-3 days max, the alcohol content in it not more than 2-3 degrees, but get behind the wheel after him is not worth it. But in Sunday's carefree days in the heat... and as an alternative to beer and kvas, with which so much fuss, he is simply irreplaceable! The most important thing in this recipe Tara) We need one and a half liter plastic bottle of its production you can send your beloved, what it will certainly immensely happy, because he is an absolutely legitimate way to beer) And while he's skipping ran to the store, we tackle the process. And... well... I procladius and complacently counting on your generosity!) And I have to spin in different angles, but around the same glass!) (But I promise you, this mistake, in good faith, to fill his ranting!) Squeeze out the pumpkin (blackcurrant/grapes) 300-400 grams of juice, definitely a good strain, (otherwise the drink will be very muddy and floating lumps will spoil the whole aesthetics of use, the cake I threw out and made him pancakes). In 0.5 cups of hot water to dissolve 2 tbsp of sugar. Yeast will dissolve in two tablespoons of warm water. Boil 1.5 liters of water. And! Excitedly tap your fingers on the tabletop... well, where is he???
... Well, the end of something! Our Spiderman rushed!) Forcing him to drink the whole half gallon in one gulp, strictly say "this has to be the first and last time!") release him on the couch, catching so suddenly fallen on him a buzz) and continue to do) a Bottle of good swill, pour there juice, add a solution of sugar and warm boiled water without adding up to the neck, see 15. Pour the diluted yeast, (it is important that at the time when enter the yeast water in butile was not above 39 ° C but not below 30 degrees), adding if necessary more water without adding to the bottle 8-10 cm
And now, attention! The bottle tightly screw cap! Exactly! Because unlike the recipe of preparation of kvass, it is first left to ferment in an open container for about a day or more, then filtered and then poured into a bottle tightly stoppered and sent to the fridge, in connection with which, by the way, I'm still inclined to suspect that when hubby did Apple kvass no it wasn't forgetfulness, he was just too lazy to deal with all these manipulations, and he immediately decided to cut it in the bottle, screw and sleep) Well, okay, I forgive you) so, our drink keep it in a warm place at a temperature of 27-30 degrees for 10-15 hours if the temperature is lower, and wander, respectively, it will be longer, the bottle will inflate, it will become an oak, and we love extreme! And this is exactly what we need!) (don't worry it won't explode, proven repeatedly!) Further, after exposure to heat, put the bottle in the refrigerator in a horizontal position on the ripening of our drink. Forget about it for 15-24 hours and more better the longer our our cider-brew is in the fridge, the richer the taste.
And while our drink Matures and to distract you from bad thoughts to go ahead of time to uncork a bottle, I will entertain you with chatter and tips that I hope will come in handy! For example, the sugar can be substituted for honey and sugar if you can not, then replace it with fructose, and you can make a brew the option of replacing the pumpkin juice on the Apple, with ginger, and instead of water adding a decoction of mint or Melissa, just amazing it turns out the drink, if Apple juice instead of water to add a weak infusion of thyme! Another variant of the drink is to use 400 grams of grape juice varieties Isabella, and a few rounds of prunes, but with citrus juices, strangely enough, it turns out tasteless. But the important point, in any case, this drink is the taste of the yeast you will not feel absolutely! And even if you do brew with only Apple juice and water, it turns out just awesome dressing for okroshka! And finally, on the bottom of the bottle is the precipitate powdery form, it is leaven, that you can next time use instead of yeast, the process will go faster, and the taste improves with each party. In General, as you understand, the options I have this drink a lot, the principle is a creative approach and always in a good mood) So well, like all the rest of the details will emerge when answers to your hope is not simply the reviews) And now synchronize your watches! Eco I you swing!) And you forgot to return the bottle to the upright position until two hours before opening?! To precipitate was on the bottom? I do not doubt) are Going to get a bottle from the fridge, will be open very carefully, the foam may not go weak, pour...
... and enjoy! Fresh pumpkin flavor, millions of small bubbles and cool, and already in a great mood is guaranteed, and I, in addition, as set earlier, tell the continuation of the story begun in the last recipe...
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