"Good snack - sour cabbage. And submit not ashamed, and eat - not sorry." - it was said my grandmother. Read the recipes on the website and to be honest, there are a couple similar to my version, but still I have another. And will share their traditions in sauerkraut.


  • Cabbage

    5 kg

  • Carrots

    0.5 kg

  • Salt

  • Dill


Start cooking I didn't photograph, but I think nothing new, I would not have shown. Cabbage head cut in half with a knife, a shredder, cut the cabbage (pictured knife from the Internet but I have absolutely the same). I try that cabbage turned out as a long, thin got the pasta. For me it tastes better. Thick bottom part, I do not cut, leave them for other dishes. Traditionally carrots labor on a coarse grater. In enamel bucket put the pieces of cabbage, carrots, sprinkle with salt (to taste) and dill seed. Very carefully stir the cabbage, perhaps even shaking up, the MAIN thing is NOT to GRIND, do NOT PRESS, do NOT press it!!!. From this it becomes soft and slimy. A bucket filled with cabbage not to the top. Crush; do this several strong sharp movements, not "amkay". Be sure to leave room to raise the juice and foam. On top of the cabbage, put a plate or wooden circle diameter of the bucket (with the advent of the slow cooker at my house, went to put the bowl for cooking for a couple, very comfortable with holes). On the plate - trehlitrovoy with water. All close dust cloth (I use a dedicated business white pillow case). Put closer to the stove. Kwasi cabbage 3-5 days. EVERY DAY check the condition of our cabbage. Wood (in any case not iron!) with a spoon remove the foam. Be sure the cabbage pierce in several places with a wooden stick to the bottom. Thus, we expel carbon dioxide. If not let him out, sprouts will taste bitter, and we don't need. So, it takes 3 to 5 days (this year I got 5, last - 3), the foam ceases to speak, the brine becomes transparent and bright. All, cabbage is ready!
Banks sterilize them your favorite way. Put the cabbage in the jars, and press it tightly to not have air. A little to the edge of the banks did not report. Now take a MIRACLE-the DEVICE FOR the YOKE, i.e., a conventional plastic cap with holes cut out. They need to pre-boil!
Bendable cover and priminaya cabbage, stalkivaet it in a jar. Kale pressed juice through the holes goes up. Photo cover lurks inside banks. Now cabbage is not going to dry, the top will always be a pickle!
Boil already negaranya cover, take out and burning and groaning, pulled quickly on the neck of the jars. Fuuu, now it all! You can delight yourself and guests to delicious and terribly useful with his head. PS: Cooked this way, cabbage is much better than when cooked separately, add the marinade or brine. Cabbage itself gives you enough juice, it ferments and turns into a storehouse of vitamins! Bon appetit!
Here are the three sisters. The next batch I'm going to do with horseradish. I horseradish root cut small strips and add along with salt and dill. Cabbage turns vigorous and is stored even better.
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