Easy cake
Easy - because without eggs and butter!!! And because cooked very quickly!!! Doing this for a long time, the first time she did not expect that such a minimum set of products will get light, porous, delicious, just melting in your mouth cake! the thing is that I'm losing weight! But I love baking and cooking and there))) So to treat myself (sometimes) and my family (often) looking for recipes of light meals for the figure (and wallet, by the way!). I invite all to try this wonderful cake!


  • Yogurt

    1 cup

  • Soda

    1 tsp

  • Sugar

    1 cup

  • Flour

    1 cup

  • Cocoa powder

    2 Tbsp


Is this cake easy! The first thing we turn on to warm the oven on 200 degrees. Take two containers. First pour yogurt + soda (quenching is not necessary, it will make the yogurt). Secondly - sugar, flour and cocoa.
Mix yogurt with soda. Mix the dry ingredients.
Mix the first mixture with the second - turns out the average density of brown dough.
Take form - lubricated Rast. oil. If silicone, you generally do not need to grease! The diameter of my form 29 see Baked in other forms - then the above work)
Pour our dough, spread with. Put to bake in a preheated 200 ° C oven for 25 minutes. (Focus on your oven - check with a wooden skewer periodically!) You can also bake in multivarka mode "baked" 45 minutes approximately)
Take out from the oven! Here's so handsome! I have to say that the form of MENA is wide enough, so in the form of narrower - it will be higher!
Now lubricated with the cream. I have sour cream with sugar/icing sugar. Sprinkle cocoa on top! But this flight of your imagination: any cream, jam, condensed milk, chocolate, fondant, etc. from the top you can sprinkle nuts, coconut, candied fruit, decorate as desired!
Put in refrigerator for cooling and impregnation! Bon appetit!!!
The structure is gentle, porous, melt in the mouth! Still nobody remained indifferent! All asking for the recipe, and how to learn that such a cake without eggs and oil - just a bastard)))
I think you understand that it is so to speak the basic recipe) you Can make a double batch, of cream to use different, each cake cut in half even, to use a different decoration! The only thing I do not advise to the dough to add some heavy additions (dried fruit, candied fruit, berries) - because it may turn out not so light and porous structure of the cake!
I appreciate Your points, comments and photos))) nice meal!
Comments and reviews
  • user-avatar
    Юлия Кудрявцева

    неплохой тортик,но мало сахара в вареньи получалось.так даже чкусно

  • user-avatar


  • user-avatar
    Наталья Мельникова

    спасибо, очень вкусно

  • user-avatar
    Елена Аетова

    торт очень вкусный получился, спасибо!!

  • user-avatar
    Ольга Сухова

    пекся дольше, но правда вкусный тортик. Пришлось пробу снять и одним куском не обошлось

  • user-avatar
    Александра Краснова

    спасибоо за такой рецепт,5 из 5

  • user-avatar
    Анастасия Звонко

    Простой, быстрый и вкусный тортик????

  • user-avatar
    Татьяна Яровая

    спасибо большое за рецепт. наша семья в восторге.

  • user-avatar
    Тесса Тимошкина

    Бисквит получился хороший. Разрезала пополам, промазала кремом, а также сверху и посыпала сахарной пудрой. Крем: топленый чёрный шоколад + сахар + сметана. Очень вкусно

  • user-avatar
    Роман Крыжановский

    большое спасибо за рецепт,торт очень вкусный

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