Love this Italian liqueur to add to the desserts. But it is quite expensive, and not always easy to find. It turned out that to prepare it at home very simply. And to be honest, the taste is no worse than purchase, and even better. At least, naturally for sure. Try it, sure You will like it. And tiramisu I love more than lemon. )))


  • Lemon

    1 kg

  • Vodka

    900 ml

  • Sugar

    3 cup

  • Water

    2 cup


Lemons need to take yellow with a thick peel, they are more aromatic and less bitter. Vodka also needs to be of good quality, the result depends on these two ingredients. To remove the zest from half the lemons with a knife for cleaning of vegetables.
On the other half to grate the zest on a fine grater.
Squeeze the juice of all the lemons. Pour the juice in a jar, there lay all the zest, pour the vodka, cover and refrigerate for 2 weeks. After two weeks, remove from refrigerator. Of water and cook sugar syrup, cool 15 minutes and add to the jar with lemons and vodka. Let stand 1 week in the refrigerator. A week can ten days, strain well, and add to desserts. I did half a serving and I got 700 ml of the finished product. It is better to store in the fridge. My girlfriend-taster :) said that the liquor turned out tastier than store-purchased, however, compared to the strawberry (purchased), it is more natural to the taste.
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