Share the recipe of cheese cakes without eggs and flour (flour is needed here only for trim). Someone will say, the cakes on the website 100 pieces, and will be right. But these cheesecakes are prepared instantly from a minimum set of products and always-always succeed. The recipe for these cheesecakes shared with me the greatest kindness a female chef that fed our office in the morning, lunch and evenings. She came to work for 7.00 am to 9.00 am we had hot pancakes, crepes, omelets, cereal and many other Goodies. With me, she probably shared the recipe out of pity: I was very pregnant and always hungry)) Now this recipe are all my relatives, friends and always thank me, and me her)))


  • Salt

  • Semolina

    1 Tbsp

  • Sugar

    1 Tbsp

  • Vegetable oil

    1 Tbsp

  • Cheese

    100 g


Cheese, sugar and semolina mix. If the curd is watery, add a little more semolina, plus let the dough stand for 3 minutes to semolina has earned. If the cheese is dry, hard grains, I recommend adding a little liquid in the dough (milk, whey, yogurt or even water). 300 g of cottage cheese, I add about 1-1. 5 tbsp of liquid.
Knead the dough. The dough is sticky and loose. In the dish place flour. Spoon scoops of the dough, put on the hand, sprinkled with flour and form balls. Ideally, I think a ball the size of a chestnut in the shell. Today I'm making syrnichki smaller to try them my son (ball size of a walnut).
Crush the ball with your hand to make a "plate".
Put our cakes in the hot oil and diminish the fire under the pan to medium.
I have to prepare servings of cheesecake takes 7-8 minutes. If cheesecakes to make large, out - 6-7 PCs My today work - 10.
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