Pickled vegetables
- When the Mayday? - First of may. - Yes you that? Can't be. It's actually a joke. And may day is tomorrow so you still have time to make these pickled vegetables in my recipe to Your barbecue at the picnic. I was born and raised, when May 1 was associated with the demonstrations. But then may day was celebrated together after the demonstration in nature with the skewers. Now basically on this day all work on private land, country houses, and then the military service followed by lunch, and again... certainly with the skewer. Here for tomorrow and I made these pickled vegetables, which are very perfect for barbecues.


  • Salt

    3 tsp

  • Sesame oil

    5 Tbsp

  • Lemon

    4 Tbsp

  • Vinegar

    4 Tbsp

  • Ginger

    1 tsp

  • Garlic

    5 tooth

  • Soy sauce

    100 ml

  • Cabbage

    300 g

  • The Apium graveolens Dulce

    300 g

  • Sugar

    3 tsp

  • Allspice

    6 piece

  • Seasoning

    1 Tbsp


To prepare pickled vegetables to the skewers you can take the cabbage, Beijing cabbage, petiolate celery, radishes. I opted for a petiolar celery, and Peking cabbage. Vegetables thoroughly wash, remove hard stems and limp leaves.
Celery cut into pieces 4 to 7 cm, there is no need to do exactly the same pieces.
Also, commensurate with the size of the pieces of celery, cut into a cabbage.
Now prepare the marinade. We need your favorite soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, wine or Apple cider, ginger is better to take fresh (grated 2 tbsp), but in the absence of used the dry powder, lemon juice, sugar, salt (be careful as soy sauce is salty), sesame oil, allspice (preferably peas, grind directly in the preparation) and a blend of fragrant dried herbs. Herbs can take any, I took a mix of: Basil, marjoram, oregano, sage, savory, dill, parsley, thyme, rosemary and mint. You, of course, no need to take such a "rich" set.
And we begin to "conjure" is to prepare our neuramindase the marinade. Press out the garlic, add the soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, lemon juice, salt, sugar, allspice, ginger, a mixture of dried herbs. Stir it carefully.
Take a convenient container, put in it the vegetables, pour the marinade and stir.
Put on top of the plate, it load, I took that harder was in the refrigerator - liter bottle of yogurt. And put on day in the refrigerator.
A day later our pickled vegetables have to look like this. They can be folded into a jar and store until needed torque. As I wrote, they combine perfectly with barbecue.
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