Riet pork
Riet French coarse pate with visible fibers or pieces of meat, some measure of mix between stew and pate. It is prepared from pork, rabbit, duck, goose, trout, salmon, etc. I suggest You version tours of riata pork (Rillettes de Tours), based on the authority of the book Larousse Gastronomique. Very tasty with fresh bread, vegetables and pickles to good red wine or strong drink.


  • Pork

    1 kg

  • Pork ribs

    400 g

  • Spices

  • Salt

    6 tsp


Let's start with the spices - Larousse recommends 4-5 cloves and 10 whole grains of black pepper. Here I deviated from the recipe and did not regret it, here is my set: cloves, black pepper, Bay leaf, rosemary, marjoram, thyme, allspice, juniper berries, wrapped in a clean sheet of leek. As you can see, the space for imagination is huge, but I'm sure you will not regret it if you do as advised by the author.
In a heavy saucepan put the cut pieces of ribs and spices. I tied the kitchen string, tying the packet of spices, ear of pot, so don't have to fish him out at the end of cooking.
Boneless pork, cut into small pieces and put them in one layer on the ribs. Sprinkle with salt. Here I followed the advice Larosa - 5 teaspoons of salt per 1 kg of pulp, 6 - taking into account the pulp, which is located on bones. This, of course, a lot, but pate required. Cut out parchment circle the size of the pot, mash it, then spread and cover the meat, then cover with a tight-fitting lid. Put on very small fire to stew for 4 hours, stirring is not necessary, but it is important to have extinguished the paste in a sufficient amount of liquid.
After 4 hours of stewing to remove the ribs and spices, remove from the bone the flesh and return it to the pate. Mix all thoroughly with a fork, the meat should be so soft that the stirring will be divided into fiber. Again bring to a boil, if the fluid is too much, then allow it be. Pour the paste by stabilizirovannyi banks, I get about 1 litre of paste, and tightly close lids. Ideally, on the surface of the pate is a thin film of fat, which protects the pate. I'm sorry that my pork was quite greasy, had to pour a thin layer of goose fat. Store in the refrigerator, the paste is much tastier after a few weeks of maturation.
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