Leaven for the bread of
This is the easiest starter to bake BREAD WITHOUT YEAST. The smell of fresh bread is DIVINE. The bread machine I have, so knead the dough myself, and this recipe helped me a lot in making DELICIOUS BREAD. This recipe is taken from "the Landlord" - the hostess of which I am very grateful. The idea with sourdough Express my personal thanks to user "VASILINA"!


  • Flour

    300 g

  • Water

    300 g


No matter from which flour do so-called "starter": wheat, whole, rye... And no matter what kind of leaven to bake bread from rye - wheat, or Vice versa. So don't bother making different starters, one is more than enough. In short, if briefly, the recipe is as follows: Eternal ferment 1 day 100 g flour and 100 g water. Thoroughly stir. Should get a paste-like mass, like a thick sour cream market. Cover with a damp towel and put in a very warm place without drafts. To ferment the starter needs a day or so. Before the advent of small, albeit rare, but bubbles. There is a sense sometimes to stir it. I was just covered with dry kitchen towel. I put in the kitchen Cabinet near the stove. First, the flour will settle underwater, but that's OK, just stir 3-4 times a day. Special bubbles after the first day, I did not see))) but that didn't stop me! The experiment continues!!! Photo: just flour mixed with water, bubbles in the photo turned out after I perekolotil the flour with the water (they lost of course).
Day 2 Now starter need to be fed. To do this, again fill up 100 g of flour and add water to the consistency went back to the original state of market cream. Cover with a towel and another day set in warm. After the second day appeared rear puzyrechki is already made me happy. I was slowly stirring 4 times a day.
Day 3 usually now questions arise on the surface of the leaven is not just the bubbles, it grows in size and consists entirely of the foam caps. Feed her one last time. And again in the heat. That's for sure! Foam mass turned out))) I could not resist and let half "in case", and the second half fed and on the technology left on the last proofing. Here, a very important point, the starter is strong enough and we need to catch the moment when she will be on "top form", i.e. it should double. At this point it is most strong. Divide it in half. The first half is our eternal leaven. Put it in a jar with a plastic lid with holes in it (to breathe) and put in the fridge until next time. Then got fed - left warm - and she was again ready to fight!
To say that the bread turned out delicious is to say nothing! Only natural everything!!! HERE is a LINK TO MY BREAD http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/546 62/ baking one loaf it took me 700 grams of flour - 6 tbsp. yeast, the effect will surprise You, it is possible and 7-9, it's not yeast (unless you do everything right with the starter). To FEED is to add a bit more flour and water (3-4 tablespoons is enough). If stored for long, as I intend to, need to get out of the fridge - "feed" - to hold in heat when the reaction went - ready to use. Better in the evening to feed - in the morning she is "ripe" or in the morning to feed at night (and a warm place required). If there are no bubbles for a long time - add a pinch of sugar (my grandmother, my advised), the reaction will go faster.
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