Pate of shrimp and trout with sauce
Boldly offer to cook for the Christmas table this dish. I assure you, unnoticed it will remain! Subtle, delicate taste of fish and shrimp, unobtrusive freshness of the sauce, effective presentation, great combination of ingredients - that's all there is to about this dish left a pleasant memory and desire to cook it again! The recipe is from the book "fish and seafood"


  • Trout

    250 g

  • Shrimp

    40 g

  • Mayonnaise

    4 Tbsp

  • Cream

    4 Tbsp

  • Gelatin

    2 piece

  • Salmon

    50 g

  • Dill

    5 piece

  • Lemon

    0.5 piece

  • Spices


In the book they were supposed to use salmon, I baked it for trout, but also any other kind of red fish suitable for this pate - sockeye salmon, chum salmon, salmon... so, preheat the oven to 200 C, put the fish on a sheet of foil is good to season with salt and pepper, wrap tightly in foil, bake 20 minutes.
And yet we take the appropriate form (I still have the same plastic form with some purchased cookies) and spread on the bottom of a thin plate of smoked salmon. If pate will make in inflexible form, make sure you cover your food with foil, so you can quickly and beautifully to remove the pate from the mold.
2 leaves gelatin soaked in cold water, dill finely chop
Shrimp is put into cold water, salt, pepper, put on the heat, remove immediately after boiling water, remove, dry. Note that cooked frozen shrimp after cooking lose up to 40% by weight, boil with the stock
Mix mayonnaise with cream. For this dish the best option is to mayonnaise with lemon juice from Mahe.
By this time, already prepared fish. Carefully pour the resulting juice into a separate container, fish disassembled into small pieces, bones and skin clean.
Squeeze the gelatin plate and put them in warm juice of the fish, if juice is not enough, you can add a spoonful of the broth left over from the shrimp. Stirring, waiting for the gelatine has completely dissolved.
In a bowl mix the fish pieces, shrimp, mayonnaise, cream, dill, juice of half a lemon and dissolved gelatin. Salt, pepper and densely populated pate form. Cover with film and put in cold to freezing. As such, the pate can be stored for up to 48 hours.
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