Barley water
Unusual for us, but the traditional English drink is lemonade. This recipe has its roots to the drink, known in the 17th century, entitled a Dainty Cooling Drink for a Hot Fever. The original of this recipe is in the book "Complete Traditional Recipe Book" Sarah Edgington. Prepare this lemonade - enjoy its magical taste, your thirst and do some good for your body!


  • Pearl barley

    50 g

  • Water

    1.5 l

  • Lemon

    2 piece

  • Brown sugar

    3 Tbsp


Just want to write - I made a big mistake I made only one serving of this lemonade. And was punished for this - I got only a few SIPS. So do not let my errors and safely increase the amount in two or even three times. And home, and your organizm will thank you.)) So, measure out the desired amount of barley, wash it well under running water.
Put grits in a pot and fill with water. Lemons thoroughly wash, pour over boiling water (and if possible - buy organic lemons) and remove thin layer of peel with a knife for vegetables.
Put zest in a saucepan with the pearl barley, cover with a lid and cook at low boil for two hours. (I cooked it an hour and a half).
From lemons to squeeze the juice. To lemons was generous and gave all the juice to the last drop, put them in the micro for 30 seconds.
Here and cooked our barley water has become yellowish and very fragrant. The smell peel mixed with a very tasty nutty flavor of the barley and all together it forms a nice loop that I already know will be delicious.
Strain the broth through a colander, carefully pressing the middle.
Add sugar to taste. I added 3 tbsp.
When the water has cooled, pour in the lemon juice.
Pour the lemonade into a pitcher, put ice and serve. In a pitcher add fresh mint, rubbed it in his palms.
I prepared this drink and black currants and cranberries. Tasty, but with lemon still tastes better.
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